Man's Appeal for Sex Hits Facebook

Australian man says his high school crush will have sex with him if he gets 1 million likes.
2:55 | 01/21/13

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Transcript for Man's Appeal for Sex Hits Facebook
August say one more time in the example of faithful helping to improve society in the world there's this guy named -- -- -- Norway who basically has said -- If you I get one million likes on FaceBook is high school crush catbird. We'll read to sleep with it and of course the world be replaced that it is responded so we quickly. Got to at least not a 100000 lights in his quickly steam rolling towards the one million mark in Israel -- we like device was agreed to do -- They want lady Catherine agreed to back its she'll leave. And halfback pass cap and its cities are just a joke among friends but he put it up buried allied anything else on FaceBook it's sort of get a lot of press and attention they went viral right now he's close to getting the one million mark -- -- is -- -- Having to fulfill. -- -- -- -- -- -- After a modern modern story. -- how good how do not fit evident on how you love animals I do like fish. There was a -- Mike Marten he's in and lake Clair Michigan he's missing and that Kennedy pulled off a goldfish yes a -- -- not -- any -- bears but at three pound. Fifteen inch -- goldfish from Michigan -- and apparently rob get this a lot of folks. Save it you know these goldfish are part of the -- family and if you throw admit their family pet and you don't mean to -- Olympic. They could grow -- It has settlers in the gulf fish that -- nine have a seat that's good good to it took a political picture there's buffalo fish -- -- you know what Tate got half. Also this -- -- -- here in Carlsbad California the world's third it Lago yes Lago little. -- The hotel is going up for a complete with life -- -- -- -- -- huge dragon in the lobby to had a heated swimming pool restaurants guidelines -- it's gonna open an. April of this year the third time they've done this -- in California investing thirteen million bucks to build this thing. Three stories 215. Bedroom hotel they're popular theme park out there in California -- -- of -- Impressive and aggressive. Also impressive late night -- seuss' -- robbed the wrong way -- -- -- state bill if Florida that says they cannot opt operate their establishments between. 10 PM. And 6 AM I don't think that's fair may have about folks like us was the -- get off work that I have -- people who love you -- work strange hours of their cracking down on the overnight. -- part is why -- massage at 6 AM they -- they think some didn't. You know dirty and see he's going on -- that with the times' -- and I. Israeli. Plus plus -- like a bid -- Some -- however no matter what happens or what Favre decides to do I just hope above all else that story had a happy ending. -- next. Won't.

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{"id":18269593,"title":"Man's Appeal for Sex Hits Facebook","duration":"2:55","description":"Australian man says his high school crush will have sex with him if he gets 1 million likes.","url":"/WNN/video/mans-appeal-for-sex-hits-facebook-18269593","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}