Man’s quest to make 10,000 friends

ABC News’ Will Ganss (friend 2956) talked with Rob Lawless about how he's using social media to make real-life connections.
3:28 | 11/06/19

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Transcript for Man’s quest to make 10,000 friends
Not. And rob lawless has a lot of friends pizza makers in Canada musicians in LA act rodeo and Philly. And everyone in between. That's because robs a man on a mission which he calls robs ten K friends. I would say robs ten K friends is my admission to spend one hour one on one with 101000 different people. To see you a cause of opening doors for no particular reason. During his meetings rob doesn't write anything down or take any physical notes. But afterwards he manages to write a quote in a brief bio about each of his new friends are their certain people who stand out in your mind. But you're like wow I'll remember this person forever. They got an hour's hot I met this guy Chris and when he was sixteen. He was living in Romania but he actually came here to go boating on the Hudson with some friends. So he fell off of the boat and was actually run over by it given a 12% chance of walking again. And a 15% chance of living. And he beat but that doesn't. I just think about him a lot because that shaped in my mind what a problem is vs an inconvenience the project also presenting Robb with some unexpected life experiences of his own. A San Diego pilot offering to have its meeting with rob. In an airplane. We drove to the plane. And he joked that they said it's amateur built teed off the find of the field one. That was when I learned that he had literally built the plane himself. And you went I was yet our hours spent getting to know if there was flying over the coast of San Diego. Ages five to ninety strangers setting up meetings with rob via instant grant his web site or the old fashioned way being referred by frank. Which is how hunt took Thomas came across rob stage. I think it's a great eye contact and I'm always up for meetings and a new and making new friends listening to be a part in it. What started as a passion projects when rob working consulting has turned into its full time gig. It's been a lot. Building is where I can do is. In the cheapest man there's a lot of getting to the point of almost meeting 3000 people. Was relying on my resources and the people who come close what you're willing to be generous and it until companies began noticing Robb's work. As the project has picked up both in terms of an audience and in terms of cuts pieces. I've son to have more conversations like I don't think two years ago I would've been able to knock on the door we were some of them listen to me you are and Madison so. In terms of finance and argue. Fully supporting yourself with the projects and building through it. Rob saying that eventually maybe the project will turn into his speaking gate at companies and schools for now though. Would you say the project has major world bigger or smaller. Smaller for terrorists. I think when your walking past. People who you recognize and be back stories you know. It just makes everything feel it both. What is the best thing about the project I'm starting to see you people take on their own initiatives and meeting new people. And I like that the project has this matter of good to it if ten people are trying to meet new people this year as a result of it and they have a good experience. Maybe twenty we'll do that in a shared there's a lot of talk about loneliness driven by social media driven by technology. And if I can have a small footprint in changing. That is something I'd be really proud of.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"ABC News’ Will Ganss (friend 2956) talked with Rob Lawless about how he's using social media to make real-life connections.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"66786249","title":"Man’s quest to make 10,000 friends","url":"/WNN/video/mans-quest-make-10000-friends-66786249"}