Manti Te'o, the Inauguration and the News of the Week

Beyonce, Manti Te'o and Hillary Clinton made up the week's headlines.
2:40 | 01/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Manti Te'o, the Inauguration and the News of the Week
Friday morning it is definitely time to get the party started it has been a very busy week in the news and here's a look back now -- our Friday rework it. My Brothers and Obama solemnly swear. I know she heads a lot of other people -- -- -- -- To be the one that she'd chosen. Beyoncé Minneapolis saint the National Anthem this has never happened before on inauguration day where the performance of the National Anthem. Had been pre taped while -- worse -- fast. It may not have been beyoncé and all -- -- -- They've anti -- fresh dirt -- and I had to young muscle. This girl like -- -- myself who died on September. Now I get a phone call on December 6. -- that -- alive and then I wanna be on national TV two days later and ask you at the same question. Who would you do. The fact Disney had more dead Americans was -- -- protest it was a because of guys out for a walk one -- decide they don't kill some Americans. -- what difference at this point does it make. Being able to do the job should be the standard could not -- that you are male or female. I believe that as leaders we took our eye off the ball but we enabled a climate where our troops became vulnerable. I -- called the any -- -- Its very existence. To continue to drive our our mom -- the only. Don't -- -- everyone's on the everyone's wearing the same informant in the same conference from northern repairs. Jackie -- -- And celebrated. I don't know if we had dreamed this big you know we -- refugees if -- fights and you know we had a few arguments. Part right no. Which brings us to today which is on -- things opposites day. -- -- -- -- -- Probably endless ways to celebrate this day sponge Bob square pants even -- a whole episode and it. So whatever way you choose to confuse people enjoy it. -- I do to an enemies list would you name the date taken the woes there's an eighteen seconds elegantly about -- we're almost done yet. -- -- Yeah. It's not yeah.

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{"id":18311072,"title":"Manti Te'o, the Inauguration and the News of the Week","duration":"2:40","description":"Beyonce, Manti Te'o and Hillary Clinton made up the week's headlines.","url":"/WNN/video/manti-teo-inauguration-news-week-18311072","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}