Mars rover lands today

ABC's Will Ganss reports on the mission to find life outside Earth’s atmosphere.
2:19 | 02/18/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mars rover lands today
It takes not many. Mistakes. Driver backed day. All eyes on the skies today as NASA's Mars rover named perseverance. Is set to touch down on the red planet. We don't know. But the wind go beyond Mars we don't know exactly how looms in off the sky Crandall in Iraq at the surface. Perseverance taking off last summer with one goal. Most exciting thing is to really make I'm making a major leap forward. In answering that question are we alone and the universe is there or has there ever been life somewhere else out there in the universe. And this robot is out for the job perseverance has lived in the maoists. Complex sophisticated robotic system better sense outside her this mission has been eight years in two point seven billion dollars in the making. So what's the hope for today flawless landing and are an immediate pictured are basically sat sun Daryn here's a closet pictures through the lads cap. Basically sass and I'm looking out my new and eight. That new neighborhood is a dried up three billion year old lake called just zero based on everything we know about that environment it was habitable so I think we're very optimistic I'm very optimistic. And we will find signs in each like there roughly the size of a car perseverance is the biggest and heaviest rover. Ever are you ever concerns that the perseverance rover might startle some unsuspecting. Extraterrestrial life. If we can't make Marshall ring like Al wetland and Barack humans how cool would that be. Distillers aligning for what should be and historic day. Possibly proving that we are part of a much bigger story thanks to one remarkable robot and a team behind her. Today marks only the first half of a roundtrip itinerary for the perseverance team they hope to bring the samples back to earth at the end of this decade cash and non how. Lacked either gonna keep their hands and their feet to themselves but if you wanna watch the of Mars rover touched down is expected touched down around 3:30 PM eastern. And it's gonna be here live on ABC live but it's. We might see some action terrestrial some now Mosley made.

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"ABC's Will Ganss reports on the mission to find life outside Earth’s atmosphere.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"75967300","title":"Mars rover lands today","url":"/WNN/video/mars-rover-lands-today-75967300"}