Mass shooting at Borderline Bar and Grill in California

The gunman is now believed to be dead after multiple people were shot during a "country night" for college students.
7:36 | 11/08/18

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Transcript for Mass shooting at Borderline Bar and Grill in California
We are following breaking news out of Southern California at least eleven people shot inside of a nightclub. I Indian sure a California this is a look from above the borderline bar and grill where a gunman went inside on college country night. And began shooting we are now hearing though that that gunman is believed to be dead. All of this playing out around 11 PM 11:30 Pacific time and then the reports came. Shrewd soon afterwards eleven people shots we are told that that number is expected to. Go up among the injured a sheriff's deputy. And we're hearing from the Ventura county sheriff's office that they do expect the number to go up because some of those people who were injured inside of the night club drew themselves. To the hospital and so they don't have a clear number of how many people were injured we want to go live now to ABC news. Correspondent Alex don't there's been making his way to the scene. Alex what can you tell us. Marcy I hear on scene right now and now large police president area got Alan I was just talking to luck a college students who let's say that this is a place that they all go to on Wednesday night it did it is known that. It is college night date they bacon night talking to their friends who were inside that city within a relatively quiet night tonight compared to what some of the college night borderline bar and grill. I can beat guys elder waiting for word on their friends or friends who they believe four. In tied in they have not. I heard from them they're trying to get them on text message try to get about that chat. To find out if they're okay the numbers have been going up originally it was six who were injured now it's up to eleven. I idiot now confirmed that beat begun many years daddy in fact the building here. But still many questions that we don't know one vote open on exact numbers all of that very fluid right now. A we've heard from witnesses that the gunman was wearing all black walked in that I shot a share girlish a security guard rather possibly. Through smoke bombs and then began firing randomly. Towards the dance floor were also hearing that say he may have reloaded his weapon at least once. And just fired continuously. What are what else are you hearing. From witnesses who were there inside of the club. Yet as your docking at the Ventura county a rescue armored vehicle just pulling out but they're beginning to be mobilized. Beat the ass hurts and started the teens who were here at number fire engines have been pulling out as well but now that they've believed that they have you seen contained. But they no longer need that many resources there were slow again. But there is still a massive response here on scene. I'm very local repaid the area toward the bar it's just flashing red and blue light. I. FBI and the ATF are here on scene. They are we are told that by both of those eight. They aren't shifting right now that he's not their investigation. It would be calm their investigation. If there was some indication of terrorism but. At this point they don't have that indication so basically local Ventura county investigation and I if they get integration that it goes down that road. Well let me the FBI would take over the investigation BH yes no doubt all quickly try to figure out. The weapon that was involved here where it came from what. Where is that the suspect got it from exactly what type it was all of that yet to be determined. And Alex what are you know this particular period this part of southern California adventure counting. Rally aides are popular. Bar popular area as you get also or don't want anyway it's. Folks who know southern cal port in the church outfield looks like getting exit that you get off on in this area a lot of extra balls back copy shops see it's around. Beat the local college campus and that's why it was so popular this bit bar and grill country bar and grill. Country nights on Wednesday night and upper students. This is where they hear they could come and get a drink and have a good time and you think many of those nights would be. Very packed inside. One local college student telling me that that it is a big bar that when you go inside. Not really knowing what that means but compared to many bars or would you what I did it's quite large. Let's give me a sense of what it looks like inside of that bar who this is file video that we have that the bar the country line dancing night. And this is the most popular night of the week's. Once again this is file tape. But it's but what the borderline Varner how borderline bar and grill so just. Get your head around that this is how popular this bar might have been last night. When that gunman walked in and started opening fire and a bunch of young people who were there just trying to have some fun. Is there were hundreds of people were told inside appetite and so that really does kind of give you a sense of what it could've looked like in their this happened. A just before 1130. Pacific time and we heard from a promoter that that's just around the tiny really starts getting busy there -- could have been people lined up outside. I'm so huge crowd there as this gunman came in opened fire seemingly at random according to a. It is so striking to say he's some of the images that we've gotten so far young people who are there who were limping out of there are being helped. My dear fellow young people this was an eighteen plus night as the youngest night of the week it is in most popular night among. College students Alex mentioned California Lutheran University is right near by this is just. And average and normal neighborhood. In America and then. Violence once again. And incident terrifying scene we're hearing about people who are inside breaking windows with chairs. Climbing into the attic hiding in restroom just not knowing what direction to go and to be able to be safe and we're now hearing from yet another witness who was in there as this all unfold and. A guy that I now I don't really know him he is able to us army out the window they broke they did TV group. They had to isn't there Malcolm an and they are gonna take me in the girlfriend and I was but then just got us out the window and carried us right up here and we are able to get picked up by guy friend of ours and get back track cars and that's I got to him. Did you see any injured people. I'm I saw one person it was up front and I heard my being out of made. It's college tonight it was insanely crowded it's only sailing from then on every every time weaving going here for years it's always it's always cabins. I I was able to get Alex I don't really know how long it was going on marvel at the time at least bumbling more than five minutes released more than five minutes and then I think immediate probably went on for at least ten. Wait what was more than five minutes she was thinking the shooting or the incident went on for that long. But that's not clear away and we aren't imagine it just is feels longer than. Right hard to read your head around how much time is passing went as you're experiencing something like this I would imagine what we are hearing that the gunmen. May have reloaded. At least one still unclear what kind of gun was used but to recap of the importance contention that. We are now hearing reports and that that gunman is dead inside of the club so. The scene is now safe but they are still working to update the numbers how many people were injured they say at least eleven. But they expect that to go up because some people did drive themselves. To nearby hospitals.

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{"duration":"7:36","description":"The gunman is now believed to be dead after multiple people were shot during a \"country night\" for college students.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"59051233","title":"Mass shooting at Borderline Bar and Grill in California","url":"/WNN/video/mass-shooting-borderline-bar-grill-california-59051233"}