McDonald's Opens Near the Vatican

The fast food restaurant, which is facing criticism for opening only 100 yards from the pope's home, is renting the space from the Catholic Church for over $30,000 per month.
2:54 | 01/03/17

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Transcript for McDonald's Opens Near the Vatican
You know there are some of us to come when we McDonald's Fries we feel as if it's a whole year piece of food items I don't I don't hate that right now. So and here's prevent McDonald's it's one step closer to god there's a new McDonald's that has just don't Wear out. 100 yards from the Vatican on the fact that and so far it's problematic Madigan this is how would you lay out here you can see how close it is. Tim etiquette all the magnetic and that's what they've dubbed it so apparently. I guess was a landlord. The Pope and the Catholic Church yeah. And there are some cardinals who live right above best not everybody has been very happy about this they weren't necessarily consulted that McDonald's was moving in. To the building. There have been some protests. But I think he'll be won over by the smell of the Fries and the fact that the rent check all of Joliet there is that it's that my 3030000 euros about 31. Thousand dollars a month fed to be very persuasive do. And maybe so I have cracking down in Australia. Got a little more than it bargained for when he Texas on baited somebody's backyard. Phone I think it's huge so they managed. You contain his gigantic twelve foot drop. Not with gun answer even explore certain ahead. This garbage bins and a kind of Q hey bill very creative Denton Australia. And they managed to just keep them their peacefully and beloved let experts were able to show up and relocate him while that so that's how you came. I just wonder how they've got everyone to work together but I can't. Back I got an idea. This is this this is shorter work at it. That thing would have been kept I wouldn't let I think he brought me. And if not then it's South Korea they have the answer on how to tame a crocodile take a look at this monstrosity. And its company called. Ken Cook right technology that unveiled the world's. First commands of bike pedal robot pull out. It's thirteen feet tall. Weighs more than sun. It shakes the ground apparent. Me as it wants. I'm terrified wouldn't it be that they want contorted thanks. Means you can actually walk under that thing on there it's lights. At a sports story I've really wanna get to OK can we get can't get to that we got time stuff. My favorite play in all of sports is a fake field goal that may have found one that rivals that this is at Louisville. Against duke. Obviously in basketball so here's what the players just did while doing an inbound positive all the players on offense run to the wrong side of the court pulling all the defenders to the wrong side of the court confuse me a bit confusing that the other team into thinking they were shooting for the wrong basket that left one known locally in the opposite that the court. We're very easily made the basket. By herself.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"The fast food restaurant, which is facing criticism for opening only 100 yards from the pope's home, is renting the space from the Catholic Church for over $30,000 per month. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"44521777","title":"McDonald's Opens Near the Vatican","url":"/WNN/video/mcdonalds-opens-vatican-44521777"}