Miami Sports Bar Deck Collapses, Dozens Hurt

ABC News' Matt Gutman says two are critically injured after a deck collapsed into the Biscayne Bay.
3:00 | 06/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Miami Sports Bar Deck Collapses, Dozens Hurt
-- -- half hour with breaking news from Miami a frightening -- collapse at a sports bar ABC's Matt Gutman has the latest live from the scene this happened -- customers were watching an NBA game match. Its job -- -- -- here apparently it has -- hundred people on this deck it's just there about an hour ago that the EUY twenty feet long. Understood that -- them that being -- in humans. Over the day in between Miami and Miami beat these people crumbled into the water. And the -- -- became so slippery. That they couldn't get out lots of people injured dozens over thirty or two of them critically. Many of them when they were trying to get out luckily bystanders were they -- Watching the game -- and people -- Using -- typing into the water help other people get out. A very chaotic scene elected or. Much longer than -- looks would expect that. They even our pastor. This crash happened after that had it came tumbling down -- they -- still leaving people out on gurneys. There were there for over -- -- trying to get people out in the murky water rescuers diverse. Luckily nobody has died but. Pretty harrowing experience. Down after people and to. Try to -- drinking them -- and -- game. Now that the water there is not very deep so a lot people are saying they were able to stand up and a lot of people were able to walk away what course some of the injuries that you were able to see your the officials -- able to tell you that that the people there had. But the scrapes and bruises and -- you know. People were bleeding such as -- -- of people are he got it -- -- A lot of people got stuck underneath either people searching curt dorm pro litter or home -- And they actually got stuck under water a lot of our people telling me that even though what -- Because they couldn't get to their -- They got stuck under the water system people. Until they were about the driver came near drowning. But -- people got hit by being. -- tremendously -- experience for some of those folks even -- the -- probably not even just be. -- scary story Matt we'll stay on this thank you very much that live report.

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{"id":19399431,"title":"Miami Sports Bar Deck Collapses, Dozens Hurt","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Matt Gutman says two are critically injured after a deck collapsed into the Biscayne Bay.","url":"/WNN/video/miami-sports-bar-deck-collapses-dozens-hurt-19399431","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}