Michael Jackson Video Debuts on Twitter

The latest video from the King of Pop debuts as a tweet.
3:40 | 08/14/14

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Transcript for Michael Jackson Video Debuts on Twitter
And it's time for the skinny we begin with some breaking Michael Jackson news -- have love NJ his newest video has now become the first music video to premiere on Twitter. Happening -- late last night no hologram -- remember the billboard music awards. That's actual footage and jaded from years ago this song is called a place with no name it was featured on this year's 68 album -- us. And there was even a tweet from Michael Jackson announcing the new video. -- find out a little bit more than creepy. Vintage Michael those songs and it is it has a nice view to a loved the songs in this new album and the video -- -- a straightforward here and that's something. Someone in the office maintenance company of the let him. GE commercial there little product placement and AM aluminum product placement for sure but very fun -- -- for exactly moving on now to another music star Celine Dion putting her career on hold for a little -- she's canceled her concerts. At her and her Las Vegas -- to focus on her family while the five time Grammy Award winning singer cleared her schedule to be at her husband's side as he battles throat cancer. Dion and 72 year old Friday -- -- Are just a few months shy of their twentieth wedding anniversary. She says she wants to devote every ounce of her energy and strength to her husband's healing Dion is also recovering from inflamed vocal -- -- -- amazing. Their three sons. -- next up. Booty the gallery to see the pictures here Paul makes -- here it is the artwork for the single course. Features. That she's best known for there and you see it titles -- goes well with that and. -- -- -- exactly very eye catching jail OC -- at a sincere -- about the whole thing attaching several hash tags to the photo including booty from the block. And billion -- And -- along with natural -- believe birdie -- -- but if you get. The idea that there will probably be here right where that came -- like you guys yeah. -- guy is scum. Next step. -- the apple doesn't far fall far from the tree for all familiar with the talent of country music powerhouse -- Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. But wait until you hear their daughter Audrey. Take a listen. Video shared by inquisitor showing twelve year old Audrey -- just twelve years -- performing an acoustic version. Of The Dixie Chicks is traveling soldier. As an opening act for her dad -- fans really appeared to love her there but so far no word from either Tim -- or think he'll camaraderie. Will be open anymore shows some follow. Pretty good debut and finally it's time to check out -- blowing out those bird that cannot be unanimous -- celebrity birthdays today Steve Martin 69 years old Sally very turns 48. Black Swan beauty -- Kunis is 31. And Tim Tebow a whopping 27 years old.

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{"id":24974325,"title":"Michael Jackson Video Debuts on Twitter","duration":"3:40","description":"The latest video from the King of Pop debuts as a tweet.","url":"/WNN/video/michael-jackson-video-debuts-twitter-24974325","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}