Michelle Obama Guest stars on 'Nashville'

The first lady appears as herself at a benefit concert on the hit ABC show.
3:00 | 05/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michelle Obama Guest stars on 'Nashville'
Topping our skinny headlines this morning up first for the First Lady. Michelle Obama took a detour from the Washington beltway eight to the Hollywood freeway without apparently ever leaving the White House. First Lady appeared as herself on ABC's hit show Nashville. On the Jumbotron during a benefit concert for veterans. Treatment. Thank you so much -- -- thank you for including me today. And on behalf of myself and my husband and I want to extend our deepest gratitude to all the servicemen and women. Watching at Fort Campbell in around the world -- your family -- -- near -- -- You -- show's creator tells exactly what that mrs. Obama jumped at the chance to send her message of taking care of veterans and their families to prime time television and she got it working with the First Lady was a wonderful experience to know. There is a cause its reasons -- yet tonight new candidates this morning on one of the most talked about upcoming -- in the years hourly. Earning lower back can guard dashing in Kanye West play ended hot and not. In the small intimate ceremony attended only by their closest friends and family sources tell. That step dad Bruce Jenner would give the bride away at at the top secret. Kenya a nuptials will the -- take place somewhere in France. Kardashian took to Twitter to shoot down rumors denying that their wedding will be filmed for keeping up which -- -- Kardashians. She -- that privacy was their main priority. We shall save your privacy privacy. -- -- we -- and not the not a mr. Craig that CN. I'm with you on that -- -- messy but it wouldn't sooner or later I completely agree on the storm has made a couple of high profile visits Bruce Willis and his wife -- have welcomed their second little child girl named Evelyn -- -- of that couple already have a two year old daughter and of course Willis. Has three grown children with his ex wife could -- more. Congrats to them via -- check -- this birth announcement. Christine -- already posted on Lindsey Graham caption reads welcome Jackson -- -- -- seven pounds eleven ounces 5714. Cattle -- and Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler already have a nineteen month old at home. Oh my goodness sleepless -- congratulations. To -- it's apparent. And Diana knows all about I was just saying -- set up to with yes sister Christina has done it again the Roman Catholic nun who was tearing it up on the Italian version of the voice turned in another stellar. -- This time she's staying at what it. Feeling the sun from black stands she started the song baby in the heavenly glow easier and they -- surrounded by dancers. Who doesn't monks but then kicked up a few notches. -- -- And -- and he had taken from right out of central casting but it's -- real sister Kristina keeps advancing by the way her first appearance on the show. When viewed on YouTube nearly. They are a million times she's got a went amount for our -- got to be in the final let us move on Oprah Winfrey she's sixteen she's urging an event to embrace. Their age. Her call to eighty brilliantly comes in the new -- magazine featuring Oprah the front cover of course looking radiant floor length and red gown and heels. Doesn't stop there on the back cover is over from behind with -- line -- -- looking back she says quote. If you Boston up to grow older there's so much wisdom -- -- gain from celebrating the process and vibrancy and vigor and grace comment. Good to remember yeah. Time -- which celebs are celebrating the birthdays startup comedian Don Rickles only faculty here. And drummer Alex Van Halen Van Halen is 61. Actress Melissa Gilbert is fifty today and singer Ricky Iglesias 39 -- happy happy birthday and.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The first lady appears as herself at a benefit concert on the hit ABC show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23634719","title":"Michelle Obama Guest stars on 'Nashville'","url":"/WNN/video/michelle-obama-guest-stars-nashville-23634719"}