Michigan Couple's Has 13th Child: It's A Boy!

Kateri and Jay Schwandt of Rockford, Michigan, welcomed their 13th son to the family.
2:54 | 05/14/15

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Transcript for Michigan Couple's Has 13th Child: It's A Boy!
All right time now for the next that we've been talking about this couple of Marty has twelve sons. Woman is pregnant again was due over the weekend finally had it we had a number eighteen got a girl had very minute thirteen didn't find out ahead at times of the another boy. Another boy so we don't know what his name is yes and make the announcement this morning I GMA. But if they really didn't. Hurt either my that's my parents always say read as long as it's healthy but they said they really had no expectation that at this is interesting to. The mom is forty years old she said. I've spent half of my life being pregnant. Very neat it's a routine. They're teen boy yeah. I team if only got a squad. Look at Redlands of them would look forward to hear from have a little later this morning. What was the next thing up here oh yes we have a day a during these we have Fashion Week to look at every other week here in New York there's a fashion we going on in Silicon Valley right now where else would you have. They Fashion Week without models. You see the polls but there's no model wearing it. Well you have you have a fourth A drones are at. That withdrawal. Wounds yes amount drones are now replacing models of what they're doing modeling clothes what you need to just. Just display the clothing right so these drones flying over the people who were there in the audience with attended. That particular show us an idea of the CEO of beta brand out there thought this was the way to go with Silicon Valley. Fashion Week and you know. You can't picture what the clothing would look upon you know look at a person it looks like one of those blow things outside of a used car sales I had just like going all over the place for your point. Deafening one by the outside bush. Note with some would argue that some of those models at a walking on our realistic bodies anyway so the character so hey man this is the way to go but what does that outfit anyway would you want that. Let me and that also is else. Fish cases in its. OK it is and total. OK so we've seen airlines are getting more creative with those in flight safety videos but it. Some try to be funny well New Zealand is trying to do little marketing. Some people already on their way to new Xeon on eleven got a cellphone but. Fade out of wealth from his idol sex appeal of the show and the beaches. Showing surfer is. Just panic giving you the whole New Zealand feel the big eyes you are they are making him. Sexy and air New Zealand well it's entertainment are we gonna get your next story. OK let me just roll the video woman to hundreds second birthday she's gonna blow out the candles court granted. Yet that Wright did just come flying around right out. And C labs involved had a good time with it let's see let me let it in regular painkillers available had that is just fantastic only got six seconds could you give it to me want what they're already.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Kateri and Jay Schwandt of Rockford, Michigan, welcomed their 13th son to the family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"31036501","title":"Michigan Couple's Has 13th Child: It's A Boy!","url":"/WNN/video/michigan-couples-13th-child-boy-31036501"}