Micro Brews and Craft Beers Taking Hold

ABC News' Bradley Blackburn shows some of the new craft beer breweries.
4:06 | 08/14/13

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Transcript for Micro Brews and Craft Beers Taking Hold
-- this morning telling us a lot about how -- drinks beer or sliding popularity according to a new Gallup poll in fact Americans now prefer wine almost as much as beer and. But it's not all bad news for beer lovers it turns out that the smallest juries are. Actually having the biggest success as ABC's Bradley Blackburn joins us with the story good morning Bradley. Good morning guys that's right it's huge growth for micro breweries sales of craft -- -- up 15% already this year. And a lot of Beers being sold in crawlers those glass jugs used to take -- from the tap back home. And we tracked down the one brewery where the -- -- -- got started. These aren't just any bottles of beer on the wall their -- and these days there every. More than a way to carry here -- of clearly the craft brewing industry. What does this mean -- During -- particularly severe small very just starting out as a great way to begin distribution beyond -- -- your brew -- Stephen -- -- about her own green -- -- communion Idaho. Obama -- 1000 -- clear it's one of thousands of -- -- across the country. And it's a rapidly growing field over 400 new craft breweries open for business in the last twelve months long. Growers helped rumors there are big enough to have expensive -- and equipment letting customers take beer from the tap back home. Then again nighttime visit -- -- -- that I really like. I trying to -- prowler. They're a modern trend but an old idea. At the turn of the century kids would Russian metal pails of -- home to their parents. On the way back this -- would begin to -- because CO2 and releasing anything it was proud. Hence the name -- They fell out of use sometime after World War II until -- -- T town's founder Charlie -- had a bright idea BC starting out in the eighties the -- only sold beer in tags but are awarded his customers to be able to take his beer home. His father remembered -- corralled or pails so Charlie started selling beer in apple site or jogs the glass -- was born. He started with clear to us. That seemed to do really well he said okay we're gonna do -- to preserve the beer. -- geeks who album and today guerrillas have gone mainstream PC in -- bars restaurants even drugstores not far from the makeup in the chewing gum. Wherever you find in the -- the same by prowler that without. And read them for about ten bucks it's great theory known and it's cheaper -- -- deal. Good for the wallet and for the beer business that's plenty to celebrate. And the metal -- or may be coming back this is a stainless steel model guarantees on help develop. They say the seal is tighter so keeps the carbonation in the beer stays fresher longer. But unfortunately guys this one is empty and. Now -- won't want. Let this story is that we're left side it obvious that as many preservatives is bottled Beers -- -- -- to drink a quick. -- can last about 48 hours after you open this thing if you keep -- -- in your refrigerator could last a week or more but -- -- good beer. It's been without -- absolutely I know -- seen. And now pharmacies here in New York -- but is it legal everywhere to carry these surrounding it -- we felt it's a good point it's not legal. And all states but craft brewers across the country are pushing to change open container laws to make it legal and -- this year a couple of states have not done that -- -- legal. Mariah Diana knows about flowers at the pharmacy before -- -- -- -- here. And dying our story Bradley thank you to thank you -- Are now -- on the topic and -- there's a new survey that shows that which states drink. That -- -- go according to the beer institute here are the top five beer drinking states North Dakota ranks number one while New Hampshire is next followed by Montana South Dakota and Wisconsin. So now we have the State's -- the least amount of -- I'm gonna give you one guess on which is which running in our company. We're just don't exist on the ground and I had occurred and -- -- next -- It's not a surprise there connect it is an accident held downtown and that is a little surprising all -- -- New Jersey images -- island now also surprising. New York where I grew up I can't believe nobody -- a weekend or not I've done my part to. And then there's an -- land somewhere and it's really hard to believe it's well it's partying down an -- one too many people -- money in the states and Nene I don't know. -- thank you.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"ABC News' Bradley Blackburn shows some of the new craft beer breweries.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"19954506","title":"Micro Brews and Craft Beers Taking Hold","url":"/WNN/video/micro-brews-craft-beers-taking-hold-19954506"}