Mike Tyson's 'Hangover' High

Former boxer admits to using cocaine while filming "The Hangover."
3:43 | 12/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mike Tyson's 'Hangover' High
Welcome back everybody time for your Monday version of this -- here Mike Tyson who sent me back in the news. He admitted Edwards of the big role in the hangover a couple of years ago when he was -- sick of these things stall as tiger and it was pretty funny in the movie later admitted. Back in 2010. That. That we know look. -- -- -- did the movie to fund my drug habit actually admitted that coming years ago now it's coming up going into a bit further in a recent interview saying look. I was high on cocaine the entire time and he says I was a -- I was overweight I was a big. High on cocaine of course -- kind of went on to become the highest grossing. US it was a huge success. Police estimated the crew knew with a Tommy said they had to know I was messed up I couldn't talk like that the cocaine talk. He's heads of the those guys are just beautiful people make bad my bad and I appreciate that stuff and he asked me to come back -- -- over to basically -- -- seeing it. In that movie -- was final movie was funny. But apparently -- was still heavy into drugs during that time now. Coming out. That admitting it fully uses sex had a drug issues in the past but we get and I guess gets a few points for honesty maybe he's a funny guy even when he's. Not he -- Mike is a character yet he's very that we might most definitely most definitely prepared to look if you -- -- he is proven to me like that the. You might. That's right back I don't like to come find somebody -- -- too -- let me let nobody -- impressions if you know -- compression -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- into promoting his new found killing somebody tells People Magazine that the time is nine to get married to Angelina Jolie they've been together seven years. And he kind of -- hinted as to what kind of the ceremony they'll have of course -- -- 859. Children. Eddie let's call 889 shouldn't be part of the ceremony that is an -- have six kids he'll release yes he's it's going to be a day all about the little -- of he wants a ceremony to be what -- the little ones get as much attention as the beautiful bride does. What mommy feel sane country she got the cubs are it. Know you're removing count wrong I'm sure the press leave them alone will be no coverage of the it merited being very very quiet affair -- would hear much about it also those do you watch the bachelorette. I think the lesson that normally getting this the woman you may remember to actually -- -- -- she tied the knot. I don't watch the system has been read what I've been given here she well -- level JP Rosenbaum her -- series of the maps of red. And she -- 35 New York. 35 year old New York construction manager on Saturday they tie the -- a small ceremony in Pasadena California. California. During a ceremony with family friend that's according to people and all will be turned into a special that you can see right here on ABC so congratulations actually. -- Watson but from what I've seen from those -- -- -- they're real jail. They shouldn't have the best track regular -- -- the one makes it. That's -- step in the right. -- -- -- for fifty surely it's. OK so rob -- if you -- -- get married I suggest you give me the same way that Mario Lopez and his longtime girlfriend Courtney last thing I'm married and -- set need to -- the estate of the girls gone wild founder Joseph Francis. How about that C bond up into the Levy more than girls Dunlap. Probably his father's friends of the guy's -- yeah particularly bad and -- the girl along -- -- get married in the Palestinian. Gina Wayne -- -- this may rise at any out take any -- yet. You got -- so congratulations good luck to both.

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{"id":17867024,"title":"Mike Tyson's 'Hangover' High","duration":"3:43","description":"Former boxer admits to using cocaine while filming \"The Hangover.\"","url":"/WNN/video/mike-tysons-hangover-high-17867024","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}