3 Military Crashes Kill 8 American Service Members

ABC News' Molly Hunter reports that two choppers crashed plus a military plane in Afghanistan.
3:00 | 01/10/14

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Transcript for 3 Military Crashes Kill 8 American Service Members
-- there are new questions this morning about military safety in the skies after three crashes this week. -- have killed eight American service members. After two chopper crashes a military plane crash in Afghanistan. This morning. As ABC's Molly hunter reports. The latest incident in eastern Afghanistan this morning involved -- and -- twelve reconnaissance plane. International allied forces confirmed the small Beechcraft propeller plane similar to this one crashed killing two American serviceman. And one American civilian. That follows Wednesday's navy sea dragon helicopter crashed off the coast of Virginia Beach. Two servicemen died two were injured and wine is still missing rescuers will continue to search for the missing sailor later today. On Tuesday an air force pave hawk went down and marshland off England's East Coast killing four American airmen. Today it's definitely been a tough day on all of us. Investigators that both helicopter crash site are trying to figure out how training turned deadly at this point the close timing is considered a sad coincidence. Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers -- to the families and loved ones the crew on English coast it was killed instantly in the crash. The chopper there are -- was a modified version of a Blackhawk they typically flies low and fast mostly first search and rescue missions. We have interim safety borne out there now their job as they can look at -- sites. Preserve all the evidence take extensive photographic documentation to help determine the cause of what happened. The Virginia crash -- may have been due to mechanical failure. -- crewmembers rescued are still in the hospital. Today's crash in Afghanistan comes on these same day that international forces there confirm -- action brought down a black -- last December. A crash that killed six American soldiers. Now there's no indication that enemy action brought down the reconnaissance plane today. -- all three investigations are far from over. Molly had -- ABC news. New York. And how do you think covering the US military in Afghanistan any -- -- precious. Sure I mean you know overall the thing to remember is that casualties American casualties at least have gone way down over the last several months compared to you know a year to go. That's something to keep in mind -- know these helicopter crashes there are very good reminder. That there are still thousands of American troops right now in Afghanistan and we talk about the draw down and everyone leaving well. They're still there and they are still risking their lives. Every single day in every time you get in one of those planes there's a chance he can get shot down and I think that's something that sometimes we forget -- in America. But there are people out there who -- fighting to keep the extremists -- good reminder absolutely.

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{"id":21485267,"title":"3 Military Crashes Kill 8 American Service Members","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Molly Hunter reports that two choppers crashed plus a military plane in Afghanistan.","url":"/WNN/video/military-crashes-kill-american-service-members-21485267","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}