Last-minute tax day tips

Tomorrow is the deadline to file your taxes. Finance expert Vera Gibbons, founder of, has tips in case you’re cutting it close this year.
2:14 | 07/14/20

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Transcript for Last-minute tax day tips
Tax day can sneak up on all of us no need to panic our finance expert Peter Gibbons says you're not totally out of lock tax tip number one file an extension. You want a mile or 4860. You you're an additional. Three months to yeah until I've already eighteen. Actually yeah. What you have to remember is that this is only an extension to file. Not. Hey if you owe the government money you've got to pay your estimate what you think you oh. I July 18. And nineteen. Tax tip to. Pay what you can or ask for more time there are a couple things you can work out with our if you eat it can't happen 120 days and let them. Now stick to the 128 get taxed at three request an installment plan -- -- 120 days just isn't enough time yeah how are you take it any longer than not and you really. What Al installment program and we'd be Ira we're paying a certain amount every single month until that is actually gain taxed at four request an offer in compromise the IRS does -- her offer in compromise for had been adversely affected by nineteen we actually settling your asked for much less than you actually the IRS is going to let your financial situation I don't make sure you actually all my friends and it's not for everybody texted five take advantage of IR ray and HSA extensions is definitely wanted to dance and adds that the maximum project is the IRA. 6000 Osborn and all 7000 dollars in years of age or older. Each essay. 3500 dollars or seven pound Ron Stanley and one of the main reasons you can imagine this is because you get a nice tax rate potentially save hundreds if not thousands of dollars the bottom line you have more time actually more money to see on your tax. Here's last piece of advice file online selected direct deposit option seeking gate your returns. As fast as possible. Yet a direct deposit proved it very essential in the stimulus checks came barely true then good to have their thanks well.

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{"duration":"2:14","description":"Tomorrow is the deadline to file your taxes. Finance expert Vera Gibbons, founder of, has tips in case you’re cutting it close this year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"71769500","title":"Last-minute tax day tips","url":"/WNN/video/minute-tax-day-tips-71769500"}