Last minute toy ideas

The Toy Insider's Jackie Cucco shows us some toys for those holiday gift procrastinators.
4:02 | 12/24/18

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Transcript for Last minute toy ideas
So we're down to the wire less than 24 hours to Christmas. And if you're looking for a last minute gift ideas for kids if you progress made it that much you've come to the right plays Jackie could go joins us now from a toy insider Jackie good morning. How about those parents those bonds uncles who needs a last minute ideas. Yes so let's start Alan Pepin pigs transforming pampered and hungry there. This is very kids who loved pet the pig now they can go on vacation with pay and this man opens up into a two story plays that okay has tons an accessory is that you can take out of the Banderas. Pet bad mommy and daddy paid consider around the campfire. As a bed that clip so very into a swimming pool law. Coming kid I'm done playing the band can close up everything console are inside a good so parents have a headache trying to clean up easy sorry it's easy cleanup okay. OK now we have grumbling is a break here. So these are grumpy little creature is that come from the core of the aren't the mammoth whole Lotta attitude I'm not afraid to show air back so kids are gonna poke them and shake them and turn them upside down. And if you push some. Aren't up some of the full blown meltdown like our siblings children. Go ahead and show I am okay. See if you can make a meltdown. I hate family narrative around and please don't run throughout laying on the I think is getting mad Madonna added that an Iron Man and things you don't know when I have been and then all of the senate saying yeah I'll let us know how he's upset okay. This has hi Tyler yeah yeah I'm more about its. Atlanta added CN all right. A pet that kids are so into slime who. This is climbing good mix sounds okay and what it is it's cream made slime bag comes with these different accessories that kids can add into it. This thing like beans and go live Mary. This in the unit Carnes climbs the guy I try and that an ad as fans. Okay. And these are definitely the earlier that matches other Torre then you add them and the crime comes with the excess serious oh and she has blackened tech series starting at just for a nine the united makes a great stocking stuffing okay. It's like this kid gloves time. I love IRS. OK now we have yet he's second go everyday is a game over here. Where you're gonna make the yet he is kick the meat balls up the snow we meet bomb mountain he had bopping them on the head yeah. And meanwhile they're gonna go flying you're trying to land them on the different platforms are prank. Growing up playing at the same time we have known as the sit around and wait for its parent that's five he'd balls flying one at times can be a lot of half half half half half. Okay next hit Disney adorable oh yeah and this is the hot new line of collectibles. There's 78 teeny tiny Disney characters to collect coming out so you have your princess says like tangled and froze in India but it's not just the princesses you also captain hunt OK the mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland. And you combine them in blind man so to get just the carrot Derek yeah but they also come in place that's. And the back part I had all the doors stack and connect to create a mega stacked plates that allowed so lots to collect there lots could collapse and then in mind these these timeless things right shiny no but that they'll be around for years to come my dad and keep my aunt these are Sammy isn't sequence are huge trend in toys this the F. So it's fluffy like the plastic to reveal lead but it's covered in sequence you swipe their handover at. And the sequence will magically change color handing kids he'll be happy for years stick around for these and other black Vegas visit the toy insider dot com as well as our website. Debbie and in fans dot com Jackie cuckoo of the toy insider. Date you so much for joining us this is fabulous we'll be right back you're watching world news now.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"The Toy Insider's Jackie Cucco shows us some toys for those holiday gift procrastinators. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"59995156","title":"Last minute toy ideas","url":"/WNN/video/minute-toy-ideas-59995156"}