Missing Malaysia Airlines 370: Search Continues

ABC News' Nikki Battiste recaps her experience aboard one of the planes on the hunt for Flight 370.
3:42 | 04/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Missing Malaysia Airlines 370: Search Continues
As we mentioned search crews are again back over the southern Indian Ocean today looking for signs of -- 370 and that includes ships and planes in its fifth week of the search now ABC's need to -- -- Went up with one of those crews and she has returned from Perth and she joins us now with some perspective -- turning to -- you for joining us. Let's start with the mood on these planes you were on the plane were also on ocean she'll be spent a lot of time with the search crews. What's it like to be amongst people there are looking for this wreckage. I think now that there's cautious optimism and we heard about the Australian official in charge of this entire search say. He's fairly confident bill will find the aircraft and I think he's -- you know there's been allowed that roller coaster of hope. I think for them and for the families and there's been very careful and you know on the plane -- a lot of excitement when they see anything but they're also aware could be nothing -- -- -- A little bit about just the reality of being there we hear about these roaring forties -- Crazy. Violent this weather is how far away from shore it is how massive this vote is. Did he do that pictures that are coming back to those folks sitting here. And do it justice what's it like being there. Pictures do no justice covering the story first on the grounds you know -- one thing but when it got in the plane. -- on -- -- for eleven hours three hours just to get to the site and then we searched for four hours as low as 200 to 300 feet above water which. When -- on the plane literally feel like you can touch the water you're so well. And the day we went out we are covering an area the size of Connecticut which is is a large area and you know the ocean shield which I also went on for about an hour two is. Is massive its brand new it is highly highly it would -- very sensitive equipment and you know it's. And that crew I was out -- that they've never been a part of an operation so massive fifteen aircraft you know fourteen ships. -- -- you know everyone putting everything into this. Trying to solve the biggest mystery -- didn't humane manner in mankind which is what I'm Angus Houston said recently. I'm lots of false alarms came out of this and it must have been so difficult on the crews that were out there you that you were there with them on a daily basis and you said. It seem like -- mood declined rapidly during this search -- I can't imagine what it was like for the families for us it felt like Groundhog Day every single day what was it like for them. I think you know in the very beginning there -- a lot of hope I know one of the first -- that we fluid thought we are finding this plane was probably a weekend. And you know there are a lot of satellite images which turned out to be white caps when you're high up in a plane you look down to the water -- received what looked like. Pieces that could be on the plane they're just water so it does the hope sort of -- and then. In the recent days. You know they the frustration was there's a lot of trash in the Indian Ocean. And when I was out the -- -- -- object and they have to decide among themselves whether or not to the timing go look at and take a picture. So they weren't they would get very excited they're also likely would have so many false alarms they don't want to get the hopes of of these families and I think right now everyone's been really careful about that. Let's wrap up with that thought now we have the latest best. Clue yet there really is a strong feeling this time it's hard not to be incredibly optimistic when you're hearing what's coming out of this. How do you feel about those things or detecting and the idea that we we may find some debris soon. I think it's probably the most help as -- said that we have. To date and I think we just have to wait and -- -- time is running out so I think -- very crucial and they're just trying to narrow down the search area but hopefully. The crews will find the black boxes and some answers for these families to thank you for that perspective -- we sure appreciate ethnic entities thank you.

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{"id":23268363,"title":"Missing Malaysia Airlines 370: Search Continues","duration":"3:42","description":"ABC News' Nikki Battiste recaps her experience aboard one of the planes on the hunt for Flight 370.","url":"/WNN/video/missing-malaysia-airlines-370-nikki-battiste-23268363","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}