Mitt Romney to Take on Heavyweight Champion

The former presidential candidate will face off with Evander Holyfield in the boxing ring.
4:54 | 05/15/15

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Transcript for Mitt Romney to Take on Heavyweight Champion
Fight night folks here in the state. But we'll let down by the Mayweather Pacquiao fight underwhelmed but we got another match has Italy view its as well I don't know we go from. Yet come I don't oversell. Well I this is boxing legend Evander Holyfield getting back into the ring to take on of all people. Mitt Romney. Yes that Mitt Romney and former presidential candidate who's used to losing. Well he wade is my last night could. Staring out aboard dive into example of the world would do have busting completed each other ahead of the fight talking a lot of treads the smoothest. I don't have much of a right hook. The wanna get somebody's ear I can be pretty for middle. You don't punches. Well too quick too four here. We'll run it oh bill hadn't experienced Rummy. Should have the crowd on his side by gigs later the night in his home his new home state of Utah in Salt Lake City at. And Romney is not risking his face and I'm standing for no reason guest is very good cause to charity vision that's an organization performs surgeries. For children curing one. So this is very cools very fun they've been have a good back and forth going at that wins Mitt. Pull with what and the man. Sticking with the export clearance giving New York Giants to help them doing the job he was. I just revealed as the cover start their use of the young new Madden video game he's still not the most famous Beckham. In the sports world how. Her course of chorus and even though he is now retired Dane did it Beckham. You know it still teams have definitely goes beautiful beautiful man and last night he was a Jimmy Kimmel Live doing some during again. And that taken from meticulous questions from him all the answers however made perfect sense including which fruit she could kick the farthest. When those homes it doesn't explode grapefruit. What is your favorite spice. Posh. It's Simmons under hate over the with a frying pan am definitely not. Has spent does accurately say they're real challenge Beckham to take an ugly sell feat they actually. They think they seem to pull it off but I don't think it's possible. We're listening to you in that introduction to that SoundBite I don't you think. Beckham can take a bad picture some science you know I've been sitting here with you all week that it is as worked up of lasting you get all week. Pan the view with allscripts and then act going to extremes. Is a beautiful man. Seat you're curry saudis view moment that you not get like. I could Alter the Natalie Portman. All right than me I can't go quietly if you like you do for her but Jeff the next acting gig it's lined up going to variety 33 year old Academy Award winner will play. Jackie Kennedy Onassis the film. Project called Jackie will be based on the former first lady's days following president JF. John Kennedy Donna Kennedy's assassination. Insiders say it talks about the days when Jackie Kennedy became an icon winning the love nation even though. She's lost everything and it is not only biopic. That the Harvard educated not the only biopic of the Harvard educated Portman is played attack told. OK now kids who else she's play should be playing the Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and an upcoming filled called on the basis of sex. Which tracks Ginsburg's various troubles for equality throughout the course of -- career. Showing her range as range right we give a shout out to our girl dangers singing lover. He's he's our resident whether nerd around here and we say that some with respect I think he wouldn't love that yes she's been all over the world ladies have been climbing in the case when we dealt with vision made it back home. And downplayed the celebrity jeopardy our competition Bellamy yelled from scandal and Josh gad and frozen and it'll. Our girl that aren't. She's the Emmy winning comedian seen here. Major us says Silva says you are right elements are there element Bellamy says oh no insanity Sarah Silverman Silberman. Are right sorry about that ginger that's up. Give me your saris Alex notions saying. Almost seemed very charming to deal what got away with it. Later did you recovered and she nailed it daily double. But Bellamy young proved to be looked much to handle she was ahead of ginger and Josh for final jeopardy which. Nobody got right they answer a question rather was who is Oprah. Something every morning. In court but we're gender she did take home 101000 dollars for her charity of torch was the Susan G. Komen of west Michigan please. This.

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{"duration":"4:54","description":"The former presidential candidate will face off with Evander Holyfield in the boxing ring. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"31064138","title":"Mitt Romney to Take on Heavyweight Champion ","url":"/WNN/video/mitt-romney-heavyweight-champion-31064138"}