The Mix: Eating Etiquette, Mannequin Spies

Guidelines make it acceptable to eat with your fingers in restaurants; stores keep an eye on shoppers.
1:16 | 11/23/12

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Transcript for The Mix: Eating Etiquette, Mannequin Spies
-- -- come as welcome news all of you digging through those leftovers on this day after Thanksgiving but there's a new etiquette guide out that says it is acceptable. In restaurants to -- with your fingers. How it is except the will do the -- -- you cannot lift and clean that's the -- look at. You do what you did or didn't do it facility that top tips include cutting food into manageable pieces before picking up using a napkin to what you're -- hands and using a court. To pick up any food that spills onto the plate so new rules out you can even if there's an -- that's okay because of the small bits just don't lick your fingers -- Greg -- Carl's junior didn't -- sit. I don't don't do that so that you go to -- today at whatever. Keep that in mind so. Do your thing. Okay check they also might -- -- here on Black Friday shopping spree if you're doing now hoping today. The -- made -- watching you this kind of creepy there are cameras now being placed in the mannequins it's -- -- and there are some stores. All across the world they're doing this are not telling you what stores there and but they're looking for people who are shoplifting and so you always -- -- it was bubble cameras on the ceiling. Now you can see them in the mannequins -- you won't be able to use of these the maniac. -- out of the dressing room. I'm -- that there's been --

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{"duration":"1:16","description":"Guidelines make it acceptable to eat with your fingers in restaurants; stores keep an eye on shoppers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"17791909","title":"The Mix: Eating Etiquette, Mannequin Spies","url":"/WNN/video/mix-eating-etiquette-mannequin-spies-17791909"}