Model Pietro Boselli reveals his workout secrets

ABC News' Kendis Gibson hits the gym with the viral sensation and Instagram heartthrob Pietro Boselli, an Italian math professor turned model.
5:05 | 02/14/18

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Transcript for Model Pietro Boselli reveals his workout secrets
An ex Fashion Week is underway right now in one of the hottest models there. First discovered because of his brains not just wrong. We're talking about an Italian young man he upper Bocelli and he is known as the world's sexiest math teacher so of course. We hit up the gym at the mayor marquis hotel with them to discuss algebra course. And I Irvine I am jet that was edited for millions of people around the world 29 year old theater Bocelli needs no introduction. I am a law though we that academia background funny enough I application engineering. Very passionate about fitness other overactive ordeal and pilot New London. Exercise Imus has carried this is your parents and others. Yesterday like long walks on the beach. This isn't it the mirror very. Might. The Italian model has been capturing the hearts of men and women ever since he became a viral sensation three years ago as a so called sexiest math teacher in the world. The first that is a very very eyes I was become another victim pictures of the notes you know physically active. Theater was a child model signed to an Armani contract of six years old and walking the fashion runways at seventy. But then put that on the back burner for his math and engineering career I was low spots about engineering. Since learning that is always been. What has driven me one student posted this photo with the caption. That moment when you realize your math lecturer is one of the top designer models for the photo and the story of the model turned math teacher exploded. I wasn't even on FaceBook but apparently it was thought threatening but like today is on FaceBook. Which then they weren't friends those you know what that meant soon that this was the only math people wanted to know about. How many apps you have people who say six. It's not really is probably one case action at all noisy as though on pace that's what I tell everybody. That really. He got signed to a new Armani contract worked on campaigns for equinox became a mainstay ever run shows in Milan Paris and now here in New York. He's gained millions of followers on his into grand YouTube and FaceBook pages at no surprise here among his most popular videos are the shirtless work out one. If you're admits he works out two to three times today every gave the week. So I decided give his work. Got a shot I'm gonna die. Oh please. Street we'll see what I've done but it difficult. And big muscle heroic. It's like looking in the mirror and have a record sinks. I am struggling you talk about. Good effort. I thank you think that. Wait where you go to bat. Without swinging past his. I Penn. Assuring that need I don't invest. Show off. Givers could happen. Those guys lives we beat us. Two more. I can enacting what pancakes Torre looks. These days the admiral is trying to expand his empire flaunting his very own leisure Wear line call at for a which begs the question. It's prime time for relationships I wouldn't be able to date someone about myself but they're really. His. Have you heard of the bath water about direct TV show. Things didn't kicked up a notch not receive a rose. This is a high. I'm so sorry my. Tactical. Yes. I. Fat fat. To beat this. You're internals. And it can. Thank you so lives. And actually. I've been here and so. I'm supported. He was not panic number every at a does not met is a force usually you see. She's like I just wanna do something and that she didn't say exactly what who's gonna do and she just walks in and just. Here trip eyes bruises but. He was blow tell us what did you learn about. And I heard that that learned that he has 2.5 million dollars. In the.

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{"duration":"5:05","description":"ABC News' Kendis Gibson hits the gym with the viral sensation and Instagram heartthrob Pietro Boselli, an Italian math professor turned model. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"53073465","title":"Model Pietro Boselli reveals his workout secrets ","url":"/WNN/video/model-pietro-boselli-reveals-workout-secrets-53073465"}