Modern Day Cupids Find Love for the Masses

ABC News' Lana Zak visits cupids-in-training at a state-accredited school in New York City.
3:01 | 02/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Modern Day Cupids Find Love for the Masses
-- And you learn to be -- -- -- or better yet can you make a living happening ABC in -- back. That would -- people who are trying to do it suggests that someone like you tell us the secrets -- there and get professional help. You by yeah. A big added that -- big business to billion dollars in the five we'll share back cast. Is going to personal -- makers there's even a school here in New York that trains all those brokers of the heart. We go inside as a share their tips for finding love in modern America. -- The -- Google Maps from Fiddler on the Roof it's still very much alive 120%. But modern -- cupid to do it for love and money. Like the millionaire matchmaker whose clients spend thousands hoping she'll deliver a soul -- but can you do what they edu. Behind this -- is a class -- Cubans the matchmaking institute. An actual state accredited school founded by at least a -- -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- and business is booming her three day course draws people from all over like -- silver from Chicago. I had an incredible experience with a matchmaker who helped me to find my life. She coached me along with -- and I was inspired to help others. They tell me they're really a kind of personal assistant for your love life. And unlike online dating map makers prescreen and often do background checks. I think that people. Have to step away from their old habits and me if you look at what they're doing day to day to increase the probability that -- meet a match and all these -- experts have advice for you. First be specific -- -- decisive couldn't say hey let's go -- next Thursday at 8 o'clock anyone can do that ignored the nonessential. Most people are so interest in shared. Interest liked what the what kind of music do you listen to an of course -- can't jury love immediately on day one they're talking I didn't marry. And and it it comes across as being very. What's -- before desperate. That's exactly. And and that -- that don't know. And tomorrow morning to grateful set up by our -- makers on -- date are letting our cameras tag along. Answering the question can we learn something about how to be successful at love. -- have to team and see what happens. Snack -- OJ they're saying they can -- big money would certainly mean a lot of money especially -- time and -- -- in charge. Thousands of dollars from their client. And the interesting thing about the model very often attack they charged the guys but not the girls -- The hidden he. -- double standard and gets us men -- -- -- and signing yeah. And -- Yeah.

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{"id":18487495,"title":"Modern Day Cupids Find Love for the Masses","duration":"3:01","description":"ABC News' Lana Zak visits cupids-in-training at a state-accredited school in New York City.","url":"/WNN/video/modern-day-cupids-find-love-masses-18487495","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}