'Modern Family' Star Allegedly Assaulted

Sarah Hyland, the 23 year old star of "Modern Family," was allegedly groped in Australia.
3:00 | 02/21/14

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Transcript for 'Modern Family' Star Allegedly Assaulted
-- -- skinny -- -- -- member of the ABC family allegedly assaulted in Australia he's got a -- this happened during a shoot in Sydney 23 year old Saro -- star of the hit series modern family reportedly ask the man who posed for photographs that man and allegedly groped her chest that 29 year old suspect has been charged with indecent assault and could face up to -- years in prison. Highland -- this sorry to all the fans outside the event that I didn't get to say hi to you but -- had to leave due to an inappropriate touch of a fan. -- -- -- news fort Christina Aguilera she just got engaged on Valentine's Day and now we are here and at 33 year old singer. Having another baby -- -- regular already has six year old son with her ex husband and now she's reportedly pregnant -- fiance Matt -- Couple has been together for three years -- regular is sitting out season six of the -- Peek at new life could then genius behind sex in the city -- conceiving and news sex. -- the city movie is not out of the realm of possibility the iconic HBO series went off the air exactly ten years ago this month. Two subsequent movies raked in nearly a quarter of a billion dollars and -- executive producer Michael Patrick. King is telling Entertainment Weekly that there is at least one more story left -- -- And it looks like all the girls except me peace Cynthia Nixon Miranda of course. Are onboard with the -- -- we'll have to stay tuned. I would love to see another set your sanity at a huge fan of the Shelton and I like the first maybe not a huge fan of the second but I think that's certainly given a chance to redeem themselves and it out and get on -- -- The in New York City you live in that this sex in the city life I might just be you know we've been other guys all we live our for the so many of our stories indeed we -- what it's just. Time when Charlotte first met Harry we -- like the connection to all of that sounds more like to see if there is OK everybody hearing about the problems in Sochi Olympic village the latest report was a wolf. Prowling and one of the -- lots of art TV colleagues. Held for it US luge team member Kate Hansen posted this video on YouTube and turns out it was all -- prank with ABC's Jimmy Kimmel as the mastermind -- last night she told Jimmy that at. First she wasn't going to call attention to it. I start hearing people soccer a building in security start freaking out because they -- And you know I -- -- so. Generally it alone pure preview -- -- I by the way that dorm hallway yet to set in LA. Careful now so much of that. -- living -- -- the most. Famous hat from the current award season you I'm sure remember the one for -- Williams -- at the grammys. No doubt about it the mountain happen designer vivienne Westwood got plenty of attention after Williams -- it now he's gonna put it up for sale -- -- Bayless and that's the current bid. 101500. Dollars. Recycling says 100% of the proceeds will go to benefit children's charity he established called from one hand to another the auction ends a week from Sunday. Same day as the Oscars. I had big bucks and buy it for you my friend thank you it's great that he's put -- -- -- dad well done very we have been celebrity birthdays to celebrate today two young -- -- a little older prince Michael blanket Jackson -- the second the youngest child Michael Jackson turns eleven years old. Actress Ellen Page turns 26 Kelsey Grammer and cheers and Frasier fame turns 58 and we all love turned packing in -- Tyne Daly -- Seven years old today he'd break into the law.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Sarah Hyland, the 23 year old star of \"Modern Family,\" was allegedly groped in Australia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"22613150","title":"'Modern Family' Star Allegedly Assaulted","url":"/WNN/video/modern-family-star-allegedly-assaulted-22613150"}