Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Take a look at some fashion ideas inspired by celebrities that would make great Mother's Day gifts.
4:39 | 05/09/13

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Transcript for Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Just days away from celebrating moms across the globe Sunday is Mother's Day. And this morning we have a few great picks for moms and moms to be. Who want to step out -- style we're joined now by Macy's fashion director Stephanie -- house and she's put together a collection of hot spring outfits inspired by some of the most famous women in the world. And she also has some cool gets those moms might like that won't break the bank either stepping welcome Michelle. If I'm gonna studio full of gorgeous women and -- carried -- -- so let's start in the middle bring. There are right on our first priority in beyoncé -- she defined. Rock. He agreed to drop to actually get absolutely. Great family and stared at -- -- land. Parents together a racial lines -- -- -- -- -- when a right turn. Pulling together and that really sheet rock -- -- Hopefully upon hearing is that the pattern I think that she could see in the statement that the python plants and David that little -- -- -- -- And then -- the last eight years and that's the key trend that I mean it's for springer night. Let's talk about a get from -- somewhere on the table -- -- -- for -- gas. -- has got his license -- that I just say that let -- yeah megalomania and the -- he thanked. -- okay -- -- well I think anything negative are sticking being developed sticky thing yet but it's not that pregnant does that -- Mac. About -- basic product. Collection actually do the -- About all I know I'm yeah. Sheriff says about the -- all callers hear all that it inspired by couture Kate have been needed. Religious faction of creativity country but okay but because it has factions of the faith and what's -- exciting. Plans are up for mothers that are -- aren't really up next month program. -- -- -- She is confined streets she is here -- and -- Trend for spring instead -- want that I'm so we have an eight. That and -- -- -- pared back to share great top. From Michael -- Go -- interesting here is -- on the pocket as well as the role tab conversely if it's a lot like that and -- a great way to inject color is at a cost or is there. -- this abstract world are from Calvin Klein. I'm really pulling this together both polished pretty. Lovely look very nice lovely indeed a case of someone -- here. -- -- -- He had not now how many jobs are scared cupcakes here we have our cupcake walk from -- -- hits Lillie whimsical kind. Yeah that would -- Had great get for that we laid that down on the table church should be happy let's -- -- -- That's a show that yeah but since he did fine and back pain she -- him. She fell out of shape yet good action actually got from her collection dominance of the -- -- me. Flat -- Alaska spirit and a lot of different bodies -- Also stressing we're talking again -- -- -- -- plumbing shop on strike and then collapsed. The motorcycle jacket he had -- -- hundred men will be back right again. Moderate Anderson and -- world feel that we're loving gift package from original life. Thank you very much an arsenal Hoover went down 200. I'm bill would be the -- look at jewelry and chipset that is how much statement totally OK -- This isn't really pretty necklace I -- call from. The -- -- -- -- an affordable absolutely under hundred dollars perfect and then it's something we'll. If the copper bracelet plotted -- -- -- -- beautiful town -- let's bring in our last model yet but Kate Middleton not relaxed lot. -- really know yet exactly how Hal Sutton prison is -- Terry Collins. As long as she she also feel very down to earth and while the -- -- fast friends. And they're wishing Melissa father is like a longer wait -- And then Lokhmanian predecessors at Tulsa and giving her the Little Rock town Shanahan that you -- annual shining. We'll have a -- -- scored just look like very much and I guess that would leave us the teams that would -- Would you -- for -- -- from -- to have this really great low T facts. Even the Sox are at west -- -- we'll see how comes at a factory that I had this team -- and I. Little under a hundred bucks it sounds about right I -- this thank you Stephanie appreciate having more -- happy Mother's Day to everybody out there thank you ladies.

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{"id":19140540,"title":"Mother's Day Gift Ideas","duration":"4:39","description":"Take a look at some fashion ideas inspired by celebrities that would make great Mother's Day gifts.","url":"/WNN/video/mothers-day-gift-ideas-19140540","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}