Movie Magic Makes Baby a Viral Sensation

A dad uses some special effects to videos with his infant son.
3:00 | 11/26/13

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Transcript for Movie Magic Makes Baby a Viral Sensation
And yeah. That the next time to make everybody we're gonna start it up really entertaining. Video -- this isn't that. Always by himself and he was taking your baby -- -- about trying to rush home to get home to feed -- released his name is Dustin -- and figure out what to do so he took his computer and started to kind of -- -- and he and up -- but there -- video and his own commentary is what really makes this quite particulates. -- -- -- -- -- -- And moved. -- you couldn't own let me don't. There -- three dollar entertainment but now everybody other weather is being entertained great fit and you know at some point here is -- today because he can't figure out what they. -- -- -- Everybody's happy and we have this wonderful video to show you that I don't know Annie get the perfect he's got a perfect actor -- with -- pat Davies is game. -- -- Olympic -- goes up you all right let's. Tradeoff Ohio State fan I am really awesome like -- their latest wowing the crowd this happened that -- halftime show. At about 23 Ohio State won over Indiana by the way and show pays tribute to the Gettysburg address which is -- the cool thing to begin with yes. Look at this guide smoothly marching towards the cabin when he gates is the cannons which are much better. Lined up information on all -- chocolate. Blows -- watch events that morphed into this that this force. It's all is getting there. Get all Gettysburg address teams so they go Ohio's beat Ohio State University marching bands Kristi Paulus ever -- -- just -- Baghdad. Are going back to keep kids this one out from West Virginia that her name is so be knowledge she's a first grader. Tired of working -- is worth I know there are doing and work. She's telling you right here reading assignments such cancer tablet what can I do to not get so many reading and writing assignment that her dad -- the -- democratic and they could do was write your congressman. Though she did she won't work -- -- -- -- our congressmen. Joseph mansion for Democrat from West Virginia. Natalie did you get a response he called her up directly -- with that. You break right now that's Smart -- you. I'm -- since you were killed more. You can work is part of your studies you get Smart she could tell us. Resourceful basin and -- -- market.

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{"id":21013736,"title":"Movie Magic Makes Baby a Viral Sensation","duration":"3:00","description":"A dad uses some special effects to videos with his infant son.","url":"/WNN/video/movie-magic-makes-baby-viral-sensation-21013736","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}