The MTV Movie Awards: Winners and Losers

Music & Media Consultant Bruno del Granado breaks down the MTV Movie Awards.
2:50 | 04/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The MTV Movie Awards: Winners and Losers
Academy Awards maybe Hollywood's biggest night but it is not the end of the award season that honor goes to the MTV movie awards and since they -- just handed out last night there also the kickoff of the summer movie season. Music and media consultant Bruno though we're not -- wasn't there and he joins us from LA this morning good morning bring them. It's so let's get right -- tell us the highlight of the night. All went -- the highly public eating was watching grant it -- uncle on stage and present the best movie awards. Here's an actor who really shines a spotlight doesn't really like being onstage are giving interviews -- -- CE and they onstage having a great time -- highlight I think everybody present there. -- must be gone for the the he wants that exposure with the -- right. Absolutely it's -- eighteen skewing show -- -- the -- about the golden popcorn award itself very different from other awards in some respects how -- in your opinion. It just for starters it's the producers and the executives of MTV. Who decide who the nominees are and then -- general public votes online so it like this and it's a very young skewing the awards show it's -- and reverence and any buried -- appeal. They have -- -- awacs. Well the big winner -- -- there were two silver linings playbook walked away with four awards including best male best known. This duo and best kiss. -- -- Bradley and their floors truly torn up tonight. There were followed by the avengers the -- -- won three awards including best villain and -- -- tonight and the -- just hope actually hold the record for the top grossing film the last year or so it was certainly given that the local couple reports. I love some of these -- titles best guess is a good one -- Tell -- about some of the other more unusual awards. She -- -- you know unlike the Oscars the deep Milledge did try to zones and I'm getting -- irreverent awards including best fights. Which I really think instead of the avengers -- really going to. -- over. It was awesome. Best kiss. And and then didn't ask WTF moments -- west keeps Jamie Foxx and and our. They can't even -- -- it was it's it's it's amazing that the best of Egypt was in -- -- Jackson just you know -- -- gets legal time. -- any other crazy onstage antics. Rebel Wilson was tremendously good as -- as a as a host she really played. Her cards right she won -- awards but she was a tremendously. Funny. And yet very self deprecating -- they really think she walked away with a lot of kudos tonight. All right Bruno thank you so much for joining us Bruno -- moron not -- joining us from Los Angeles. Get some sleep brother that threatening the senate next season --

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{"id":18955626,"title":"The MTV Movie Awards: Winners and Losers","duration":"2:50","description":"Music & Media Consultant Bruno del Granado breaks down the MTV Movie Awards.","url":"/WNN/video/mtv-movie-awards-winners-losers-18955626","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}