Music's Hottest Night

A recap of all the most-talked about moments from the American Music Awards.
3:00 | 11/24/14

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Transcript for Music's Hottest Night
So as award shows go it's the biggest night for music this side of the grammys last night's American music awards featured the hottest new musical acts and at least. When he's back. Now so just look what's that here's Taylor Swift and some other people. Taylor Swift lit up the AMA stage literally. The guys annulled kicking off the night with her newest number one blank space. Okay. The world's biggest boy band in one direction taking home three major awards including artist of the year. And best new artist going to a trillion group five seconds of summer. On a night that celebrated the newest names in music legends also taking the stage like Garth Brooks and even Diana Ross. We don't have been envy you here. Pinera energy and his fellow amazing. Presenting the Dick Clark award for excellence to the star of the night Taylor Swift. And so unbelievable Lee. Happy that you want to have for instance in my life thank you so much. Swift's friend Sam Smith won best pop rock male artists who Brian named best country male artist. Rapper pit bull President Obama said we can all stage. Yeah. Throwing all his multiple talents as the filled post also performing. During a show packed with powerful performances by board Selena Gomez little ways and this trio. Okay. Jesse de Arianna grundy and make humanize rocking the Nokia Theater with their hit bang bang. But booty ended the night winner for favorite rap hip hop album. He gives billion and that's all about wealth. Your. It. Is and what did. I am very impressed with halos buddy. You can say that I don't move I don't know I wouldn't go there may I can we had as its. Though the name of the song he was in theory yes it's all hell yeah status on his company did. It is. We I mean that's the night the grammys is one thing but this is known as the the really hot night that you can see some talked about moments looking controversial necessarily a good look like two minutes when I think and I.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A recap of all the most-talked about moments from the American Music Awards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27129104","title":"Music's Hottest Night","url":"/WNN/video/musics-hottest-night-27129104"}