National Doughnut Day

Celebrate National Doughnut Day, a holiday that started back in 1939.
2:37 | 06/07/13

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Transcript for National Doughnut Day
Daschle and today everybody's been celebrating all morning we've had our sugar highs in her back up to crash and I -- -- -- probably a big day for Dunkin' Donuts to educate Krispy -- all of them earlier we talked to the executive chef of that iconic American doughnut shop who else to explain the little pastries giant popularity. There's a couple of reasons why Americans -- donuts -- -- -- -- They're just bottom. It's a little tree a little indulgence in a lot of ways it's good it's an American comfort and I think in a lot of ways -- big glazed donut breakfast -- is something that only Dunkin' Donuts could bring. -- to the public on a national basis. In the US alone we serve millions of doughnuts -- -- -- think the official count on an annual basis is something like 2.4. Billion doughnuts and munchkin. Annually. Our best selling -- overall really is that you classical -- yeast ran. All of our stores offer a variety of functions and -- -- others to our customers -- single waiting for them to pick their favorites. But most people pick either a box of 25 or -- -- fifty. Mixed -- what you're working Fuller is you know to get a smile out of your customer. Thanks to stand there and we gotta tell you we did have a delivery of Dunkin' Donuts -- that's headed our way and they -- what made this. They never made what we yeah. Even -- downstairs Dunkin' Donuts have failed us up. Love Dunkin' Donuts we are going to once again to plug our friends over at the doughnut plant here in New York City because they did deliberately brought us here in the amazing creations this is a gourmet donuts shop here in New York City. And they do all kinds of things this is that carrot cake that you well. What's what's in your box here I don't ever remember I wanna drop a list of America. Nobody wanted to stay on their own learn Peterson's -- strawberry jam in Gaza that inevitably -- in the answer some kind of line ones. Magic -- -- -- can't get American named Hanson Gregory Clinton who have invented the ring shaped -- in 1847. Aboard a lion training -- when he was sixteen years old. If you get attendance today get yourself a small -- going to be a freedom and its national donut day obviously -- got to -- yes -- that. Precedent is powdered Boston cream and coconut cinnamon chocolate and jelly are among the best seller at Duncan and Boston cream that's when I think I got your. Mad dog not a synagogue mosque -- of chocolate on the top and -- in the middle. -- -- -- my favorite is from the donor.

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{"id":19345964,"title":"National Doughnut Day","duration":"2:37","description":"Celebrate National Doughnut Day, a holiday that started back in 1939.","url":"/WNN/video/national-doughnut-day-19345964","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}