National Lasagna Day recipes

ABC’s Will Ganss shows us some delicious ideas for spicing up the culinary classic this summer!
2:47 | 07/29/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for National Lasagna Day recipes
Hostilities to baby it's national lasagna game. To celebrate where revisiting the experts that where else lasagna located right here in New York City a real tough assignment but somebody's got to. Jeff Adam Hoenig spilling the saucy secrets to a perfect song why do people look lasagna is still minds. Personally come and some. You know mothers may and yes it's that symbolizes until this company. But this morning for your mom's lasagna Jeff Adam taking a city kitchen to spice things done right to tell me a little bit about the lives on is whereabouts. And when I think we're I mean you can bet that not only did his pulpit. So we're gonna make me a fourteen design. And that brings us that's very and just in time for summer and that we happen true scout Josiah. Tomato fighting out. Perfect for at beats dinner or pretending you're at it BT you're still quarantining. But first up that vegetarian for cheese lasagna for any lasagna chef says it's important to remember to cook your lasagna noodles all dancing. So when you because your lasagna and won't turn to bush shot adds a layer of cream lasagna sheets and who we game. She's fourteen design is a combination of Portuguese is so it's parmesan organs all. Mozzarella. We put them proof that you really can't hand punitive and it may work agreement mozzarella and she's ready now for that season. After tossing the shrimp and skeleton all of oil garlic salt and pepper and chili flakes. Add the tomato sauce. And now we're going to take the trip that's got upset with hooked us. And place them inside. And on national lasagna date she's then it's the reason for the season. Do a little more cut. God has also very important key and there are about a season correctly also there's a lot of flavor to resign. Sauce cheese and good to go jet causing nose on his in the oven at 375. When he minutes later and that's a motorcade rumors are. Unbelievable we'll. To celebrate national sunny day lasagna restaurant here in New York has an epic buy one get one deal all day today and set Adam also hook us up. But our old lasagna -- very complete with fresh veggies another twist on the classic dish. Perfect for celebrating a nifty T holiday in the middle of summer dig and you guys comment let's let us. Or is those wait for your hero I have season eagle entire time well whereas Miami via. Me next the next go around what are you come up at another national holiday. Meatloaf Vanya give it to me.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"ABC’s Will Ganss shows us some delicious ideas for spicing up the culinary classic this summer!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"72048145","title":"National Lasagna Day recipes","url":"/WNN/video/national-lasagna-day-recipes-72048145"}