National Meatball Day!

ABC's Nikki Battiste learns how to make gourmet meatballs.
3:03 | 03/09/15

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Transcript for National Meatball Day!
We'll look at no old. This is the best day we found I think any national food days. This is the one are you talking meat balls here they single roll away if you're not careful I guess we have found a national. Dated really works for me know your happy. If you know like to me I don't like me to. And there is more even awake actually enjoy this so a national meatball day where boldly requesting you to leave the spaghetti out of food. ABC's Nickie BT's takes us into the insomniac kitchen. It's everybody's favorite today national meet all the names here with the wrote a boon for the better at at the curious and you let people export what are we making us it's huge green. I. We're starting last week. Paul's letters oh this is a traditionally gone to constant combo appeals court in east and I use that. People act and act don't. Petrino Vermont does not paint a bread comes with your Japanese background. President he's like. Wasn't a person for holiday. We informed them are going to be about two inches. Welcome to your thoughts. Yeah. It's important to Browning state song Kathleen. About 68. I night golden brown. Weekend hot and. We're to connect covered. An hour and it made us lighter and pain. We are moving onto the next meatball recipe in American chicken to indicate when it one grated onion and there are. Country actually talk. Fast. And applesauce and Romney. We're doing and want either one so yeah. Yeah hockey's fry him Jimenez. That's the barbecue everything about her favorite time but I think he. My favorite time eat let's try to use. Cheers yeah happy meatball that thing. Love art. Italian Indians so happy these are delicious. She your plane is almost clue. This is my this is the favorite day to day we've got you brilliant tonight plaza Murillo of the midfield play Omaha. Board in the east on my good and that African. And these are and barbecue to barbecue percent and all of the recipes you can find them at the curious dot com favorite web sites actually when I'm trying to cook. They have everything booming Christmas here he hoped the so yes Chris who has been all this together Chris thank you absolutely does and this was vegetarian and Catholic and even hooked you up food in the meats and as was as the bullets looks like it's delicious.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"ABC's Nikki Battiste learns how to make gourmet meatballs. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"29493713","title":"National Meatball Day!","url":"/WNN/video/national-meatball-day-29493713"}