Nebraska Man Produces A Commercial To Sell His 2002 Ford Taurus

Django Greenblatt-Seay produced a dramatic commercial to sell his 13-year-old car.
2:54 | 04/15/15

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Transcript for Nebraska Man Produces A Commercial To Sell His 2002 Ford Taurus
And now it's time for the mixed hard to sell the used car sometimes god creative I think the state Drake standout if you will 33 year old man wanted to sell his 2002 Ford Taurus. And he decided to shoot a commercial with the draft pick a look. This is Ford Taurus the sensational used. It's getting old the rave reviews. Boards design yup this man a Davis is a video producer based in Omaha Nebraska. And he created this dramatic video from a 1987 Ford commercial. The car by the way the 125000. Miles and they're offering the asking price for 3000. Dollars that they go to the classic. That's classic car it's bad for the quick. I was insect. But its thirtieth all the world like. There's that floors doors it was a big popular rental car admit. Quote. Coupled with the kids critics affect. With a commercial we're always looking for the fountain of youth we have found it okay and the fountain is flowing we've been here. It's blowing what would you pay yes you know out of beer drinker what do I took that severe that could make you look younger and more beautiful why. But they are offering Jack a over to pay at a new bare by the name of precious tax. Let's go to pay I don't know why it crashed just because if the laced with collagen. What that beer has Collin college and it in the beer the city has two grams that a lot of people know college in this protein found his skin has to do with firmness. People to actually do these collagen implants and a face I don't think you can consume call that you pay no erupted in don't kill my about here are right there on any given the good news before you shoot them up about. But I thought I bet I can't get. They are saying this is big in Japan to have who's there are enriched actually with college and they've been doing it for a long time. We're just kind of catching on here possibly but the latest thing is a beer would you drink it. No wonder no one really big blue I think he's being added to preserve this. Preserve this for the third year because is still useful now. You know what I just have it when it starts to crack and troops just Christian group used a hundred years. I checked it why didn't just let it out by the wayside as they've. Complete crap and setting up up after your talent out there but I think you originally had beacon and discounted that of a debate that story. Regular TV viewers to get second well from bearded bait get. There's a replica of a Stanley Cup over in Canada completely made out of bacon take a look. Yet there it is it's and Barbara just in Montreal on that count Montreal. And they also sell bake involvement bacon sushi bacon pretzel bacon pizza. They also have the vacant lethal cocktail if that they could please I should mention that the Stanley Cup Playoffs are tonight. You wanted out well.

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{"id":30326892,"title":"Nebraska Man Produces A Commercial To Sell His 2002 Ford Taurus","duration":"2:54","description":"Django Greenblatt-Seay produced a dramatic commercial to sell his 13-year-old car.","url":"/WNN/video/nebraska-man-produces-commercial-sell-2002-ford-taurus-30326892","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}