Nelson Mandela's Impact on Entertainment and Global Media

Several films honored the former South African president as social media exploded with tributes.
3:00 | 12/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nelson Mandela's Impact on Entertainment and Global Media
Yeah. Nelson Mandela had a profound global impact not just in the world of politics but in nearly every facet of modern culture. And -- the least of which was the world of entertainment Mandela was the inspiration in recent years for a number of movies. Some blockbusters others quite controversial. Screen legend at -- Brady at. Forty -- starred alongside Michael -- and 1990 -- Mandela and de Klerk. Behind the scenes look at the events leading up to Mandela's historic released from prison in 1990 after 27 years of incarceration more recently Morgan Freeman -- an Oscar nomination for his betrayal of Mandela and the 2009 sports drama and that to kiss. It chronicled the events in South Africa before and after the 1995 rugby World Cup. Which was posted in that country following the dismantling of apartheid. And just this year it yourself let's start as Mandela -- Mandela long walk to freedom. The biopic chronicled Mandela's life journey from childhood in the rural village through his inauguration as -- first democratically elected president of South Africa. Mandela himself as a single acting credits to his name appearing towards the end of the 1992 Spike Lee biopic Malcolm X he appeared in a brief cameo was a school -- and so -- so. Deciding the final lines from Malcolm X is by any means necessary speech. An interesting side note Mandela told it's likely that he would not say the words by any means necessary -- World leaders celebrities and everyday people honoring Mandela by sharing their thoughts on social media. Mandela had deep ties to Hollywood Spike Lee -- who as you just saw included Mandela in his film about Malcolm X. Share this picture on answer -- you can see Mandela wearing -- -- baseball cap there. Anderson Cooper -- -- his memory of covering the 1994 elections in South Africa saying. I remember so until Election Day 1994 standing in line with elderly south African voters for the first times in their lives. Mike Tyson treated out his picture of himself and Mandela Tyson noted that he heard about Mandela's death while on African soil in Algeria. Tyson also wrote sending prayers to Mandela -- South African Oscar winner Charlize Theron was quick to respond in the news Theron who met Mandela in 2004 said my thoughts and love go up to Mandela family her rest in peace -- he will be missed -- -- impact on the world will live forever adding. There will never be words to say what I'm feeling right now I am saddened to the depths of my soul true. And obviously this go on and on the central beyoncé who also had an opportunity to meet Mandela. Machines to -- this picture of herself her husband Jay-Z Mandela and his wife saying simply -- blasts. Fergie also -- picture of herself with Mandela saying meeting Nelson Mandela at his house in Johannesburg was a truly memorable moment in life for me. He was an Angel. And as we pay tribute to Nelson Mandela celebration of his life. Chile and you know these artists are coming out more and more throughout the entire -- we continue to get the updates via email who was -- out next. We have presidents tweeting out we had not only that -- -- the people who are in Hollywood. And of course we leave you with one example of the way his life inspired artists everywhere we'll be right back.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Several films honored the former South African president as social media exploded with tributes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"21121160","title":"Nelson Mandela's Impact on Entertainment and Global Media","url":"/WNN/video/nelson-mandelas-impact-entertainment-global-media-21121160"}