NFL Wrap: Atlanta, Baltimore Head for Super Bowl

Sports radio host Jason Page talks about the big game matchup.
3:15 | 01/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NFL Wrap: Atlanta, Baltimore Head for Super Bowl
It was the final big match up before the Super Bowl and the outcome will have two parents rooting for both teams on Super Bowl Sunday two weeks. Both the 49ers and the ravens -- one of their big playoff games and joining me now to talk about these playoff games is Sports Radio host -- always our favorite Sunday night guest Monday morning guess I just say Jason -- thank -- Jamie and Jason thank you for being here. And congrats -- prop -- the start you call the Super Bowl exactly how it turned out yesterday I. I called it. But I don't think any of us also -- -- cap predict that was the starting quarterback whether it matters going into the Super Bowl to take on the ravens -- -- amazing it was an incredible day games to -- is worth watching and so biggest in the highlights here. What I thought would be -- less competitive. The two games on the day. You have the the of the falcons get off to a fast start -- -- 49ers would win going away here. And the falcons got off to a great start -- chino -- one point and that the 49 -- come storm hit from behind in the second half. David Akers -- -- field goal now would have made its point more Tony Ortiz had a dreadful CSC there's ever case for kinda got before the Super -- get another kicker that would be it still. 49ers -- the opportunities they fumbled opportunity there near the goal line that come up short of the end zone. But the falcons were just as -- this game the second half an interception for Matt -- A fumble in the scheme for Matt -- of death penalty which -- able to 49 or drive to continue. And ultimately give the 49ers lead. -- point fourth. Now what about the big game Baltimore and the patriots is with a great game and not as close and maybe some folks thought it was going to be now and I'll say it happens here. -- the ravens get off to a slow start yes. The patriots do everything right in the first half. They run forty pound plates they run nearly twenty more plays -- 2223. More plays. -- the ravens in the first half. They have the ball for five minutes longer then the ravens in the first half. -- only got thirteen seven at halftime poor clock management towards the end of the first effort but only thirteen seven had a -- -- a victory. For the ravens don't into the half. And the second half it looked like a different football team. We talk about Tom Brady but Joseph Flacco was outplayed him that two years in a row after the AFC championship game at levels of what was subplots that now the number one subplot -- brother vs brother which is a great. Sidebar -- into of course Ray Lewis his final game of his career the Super -- new world what a way to end his career for -- loads and then -- your -- a lot of that for the next couple of weeks. And Harbaugh vs Harbaugh the two Brothers will square off I wouldn't want to be that parents indefinitely -- -- -- -- go to the game they're proud nonetheless the -- be proud of that family all right gut check Super Bowl 4247. What you got my friend I like the ravens I think it's Joseph Flacco -- time. He -- shown he's a franchise quarterback he's shown he's one of the elite quarterbacks in the game. Peter kings got a great article coming -- Sports Illustrated this week talking about Joseph Flacco is one of -- in the game now. I love look Baltimore's figured it here first Baltimore we'll take -- two weeks in my favorite city of New Orleans thank you sir good season -- -- about it and what McDonnell are probably win the super ball thanks Jason again we'll be right back everybody stay with us.

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{"id":18269603,"title":"NFL Wrap: Atlanta, Baltimore Head for Super Bowl","duration":"3:15","description":"Sports radio host Jason Page talks about the big game matchup.","url":"/WNN/video/nfl-wrap-atlanta-baltimore-head-for-super-bowl-18269603","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}