Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey to Leave 'Idol'

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey will not be returning to "American Idol" next season.
4:05 | 05/31/13

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Transcript for Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey to Leave 'Idol'
-- -- its official American Idol is gonna look very different next year. Some tweaks coming from mount Mariah Carey -- -- did not start out Mariah Carey on Thursday she retreated post player reps announcing with global success a beautiful -- her new single. Number one in thirty countries so far Mariah Carey confirms the -- -- And says goodbye to idle minutes later -- and -- streets thank you American Idol for life changing experience wouldn't trade it for the world -- to focus on the music. Why. And of course these two departures of Kerry in the -- follow. Randy Jackson the only original member who said that he's got to focus on -- company and other business ventures. So would only leave Keith Urban to come back from this season's judges if in fact he does no word on what keep their productive. I think what possessed and quite different over and over an hour and a half and -- a crossroads I think you know I mean this is the. The country and it -- or. Really big maybe that's I don't know how you top -- became they had this -- -- -- that they need magic need to magic they were talking earlier this week not confirmed as well -- bringing back some of the people who made it -- Jennifer Hudson's. Who was the -- Clay Aiken many out. And his -- can never met Kelly and Kelly Clarkson yeah they were all like floated out there as possible judges that -- -- -- Magic that they -- What should happen and which may be two and a half would be and a young lady Buchanan I don't know -- something where things are happening with -- -- so they're getting rid of Angus T Jones. There he is yeah. He was particularly -- critical of the shows a -- back. Act and so I think they've decided to quickly part ways on the other -- on girl they're looking for a girl in her teens -- early twenty's and this is essentially what's going to happen. She's gonna show -- -- she's gonna say that she's alive she's looking for her long lost mother which happens we Charlie Sheen doesn't live there anymore because he had his funeral when he left. -- some -- -- -- aliens living with Jon -- and Ashton Kutcher so that's how that's gonna happen. I didn't hand as well court deadline. And very little at all I had a little surprised Pryor now and so it's -- For instance it would attend title one bite the hand that feeds you not that that did anybody saying that's the reason but you know yeah I don't -- the my little making your show you my finances. It was very close to making it jumped the shark and now we might we might be jumping the shock it might have gotten better and I'm of that episode of happy days did you see that one day. Let's talk about beyond say this is pretty awesome. Photo shop in every -- I mean it's a single. Like we'll beyoncé gets word that HNN did some sort of shopping. Potentially have some of her I think that she's had no way so that adds that when operates an -- the real things beyond my -- That's what I want -- curbs that's not go to -- she -- -- religious and she wants occurs in there and they decided to honor that. And that is the real McCoy. -- -- Yes I agree with you but holy Moly look at her -- -- May Day you have to tell me what all is said. To. Another amazing looking -- -- -- just had a baby enough for months ago so apparently now she's saying that the one thing that she loves him more in life and NBA coach -- the voices saying insurance is breastfeeding breastfeeding. Rescued -- she says she -- so much it's one of the best experiences of her life she can't stop she wants to breastfeed her son until he goes to college she is simply. Plus college. I think actually that's exactly June street -- Elements -- with the incredible mind that she feels that her son and also the fact that it helped -- to lose weight I won't say what good. The young child -- a funny thing happened on the way that breast heightened forums like -- You become very -- if it works and doesn't work for everybody who works threaten your successful you really do create an incredible -- -- people that have never done it don't understand it. But I can see where she's coming from may not college but I -- I'm kidding about the college -- -- anybody that it's a lot. And it's no credible and it's nothing beats it. Yeah -- -- the only secure so what's the age when would you stop. Well that Hillary -- to -- should stop and more college did you stop before 50 god yes hot.

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{"id":19294396,"title":"Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey to Leave 'Idol'","duration":"4:05","description":"Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey will not be returning to \"American Idol\" next season.","url":"/WNN/video/nicki-minaj-mariah-carey-leave-idol-19294396","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}