Nike Creates Sneaker for Elephants

Nike makes a sneaker for an elephant, who needs help with balance since one leg is shorter.
2:49 | 04/30/13

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Transcript for Nike Creates Sneaker for Elephants
Welcome back everyone and welcome to the -- are gonna get this something I think that's really an arm -- -- these -- story that everybody does so this is about. He -- it's a shame that night he created. We're elephant boy telling you that's an outrage and we we actually have actually air element out of that get the picture -- it. He carried out quite stylish -- guy you know it's guys like the little remnants of the solution on the side of the -- It's got -- the shoelaces. Got a nice little salt but it wasn't signed says that the appearance of -- an -- this was apparently female love attending Lisbon to -- She was developing arthritis because she was unbalanced so one of her legs are short and any other -- some nights you went ahead and developed issue and just -- her. That she can balance -- about it she would have been much. I'm pretty cool is -- should make it -- at least -- it's that -- he should I certainly little stylus what I. I think he is in fact the based on to this question. Didn't really wish John old tattered and torn at this point I don't know what it is given to development are how long it out but don't ask you. In the wild with this thing that concrete things that don't already has -- Malaysians bush family he's decided my apartment finally catch. I this is accusing drinking alcohol regularly can lower your risk of arthritis is -- new us study from Britain and -- a protective effect. Against governments or arthritis they'd they didn't -- and they also found had a mild. Pain killing effect not really sure why emphatically and anti inflammatory pain -- part seems pretty obvious. Yeah I isn't this is terrible but every time there's an accident and there -- drunk driver nothing -- thing walkway business. -- you know they've they've found surrounding communities saying they say a moderate amount few drinks -- -- -- -- -- more studies need to be done with. You know breathless depends on that day of the week you hear that alcohol -- that -- -- he had -- to keep watching maybe later on about you behind. This story very very good at development apparently in Saudi Arabia they have developed to PSA -- public service announcement for domestic violence -- now that yes this is a country where. You know -- Whitman are still under male guardianship they're not. To drive but this quite a powerful act but we have a picture of what it looks like in the text underneath it. So if you love this woman is wearing what most of us we'll call Labarca but in Saudi Arabia -- -- -- And essentially it's exposing them one by which is a black guys obviously this is a battered woman and what the Texas really small but what it does is some things can't be covered. Fighting women's -- together and so wouldn't it was put together -- -- Texas. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Foundation and basically and it is -- to stop the abuse and bringing to light that milestone and -- especially for a country like Saudi Arabia and married good thing.

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{"id":19071793,"title":"Nike Creates Sneaker for Elephants","duration":"2:49","description":"Nike makes a sneaker for an elephant, who needs help with balance since one leg is shorter.","url":"/WNN/video/nike-creates-sneaker-elephants-19071793","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}