Noah Ritter Steals the Show

A young boy shows off his newscasting talents when he gets interviewed.
2:52 | 08/05/14

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Transcript for Noah Ritter Steals the Show
Welcome back time for the next what we want to introduce you to this aspiring new TV anchor for Wayne county Pennsylvania. Who gives exceptional color from the -- people. And yeah. Tell me before. Quiet. And think -- launch. And you yeah. Tell me about that I'd like to think about and I well. It really want to sound like you could've fooled me up if there is no -- and -- -- is -- in this chair -- -- -- I expect they'll Pratt. He's talking a microphone is more entertaining -- that's a benefit think I got up and up. Well luck coming up back next is a interesting way to -- child true. I -- that the string on the door then Kyra well this heavily used Iraq. The rocket. -- -- And that ten year old -- and and they used a rocket and they say it's the last time. And it's less painful well score one for the Tooth -- although she thinks she is -- -- that -- -- look at that. There's no way to -- material that should. Get I wish I was gonna create. Expect it hurts you art movie god now sometimes we all know it's just so stressful. -- -- little kid take a look at this guy. -- -- -- -- -- Says. If you -- hear it there he repeats over and over again I can't live like this really -- I just cannot win this. Such an adult phrase for that -- a guy and we just -- how well -- two years old map room. From Greenville Alabama. That -- you can not. Live right Lara admit it hurts when you take that and -- if you're fat like mommy did it. So this next story made me feel like a dinosaur or can you believe there's a whole generation of kids who don't even know what type right this. So there is this group on YouTube that -- was about showing different devices to kids and getting their reaction take a -- I think actually -- -- -- India and -- you. Oregon but I paid writer now and you print that and input on that order to delete need to use something called the white out. My favorite reaction was a little girl who -- I feel sad for anybody who had to use. Oh my gosh it was maddening I remember tempered there's -- back space others Novak thanks good for them.

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{"id":24843038,"title":"Noah Ritter Steals the Show","duration":"2:52","description":"A young boy shows off his newscasting talents when he gets interviewed.","url":"/WNN/video/noah-ritter-steals-show-24843038","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}