The Nun is a Top Voice

Sister Cristina wins the Italian version of "The Voice."
3:00 | 06/06/14

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Transcript for The Nun is a Top Voice
All right coming -- Friday -- to start just keep -- rising for the singing. Sister Christina has become a worldwide singing sensation and dressed in her traditional habit respects and -- Plain black -- belting out her that's now become the champion of the Italian version of Deloitte. -- The -- five year old sister Christina took 62 point 3% of the vote ending a one. In the competition by reciting the lord's prayer on stage she also -- a recording contract at universal. And she was entertaining wasn't it. Part of that a drama at a Kevin Spacey play this wasn't in the script the actor who plays a ruthless politician and TV's house of cards. -- performing his one man show at the old Vic theater in London in character is the legendary lawyer Clarence Storrow Drive than someone's phone went off. But it kept -- -- Finally without breaking character he snapped either you answer that support I well. Later one audience member treated good to know if you're an idiot and let your phone -- during a show the magnificent Kevin Spacey won't call you out on it. -- got a standing ovation for the performance. We wonder this development will become a story line on the hit ABC show Nashville. -- and the Terry one of the show's big stars expecting a baby -- -- boxing heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko. The couple put off their wedding plans because of I'm resting -- goes native Ukraine but -- -- this will change things pets here. By the way is just over five feet and cuts code is 66. Congratulations. To both of them. -- of. Thirty years ago this -- and the zany story of three fire researchers are turning catching goes. Hit the theaters along with this catchy song. -- president is getting a second life I mean remastered version we'll be back in theaters later this summer. To mark the anniversary. Studios betting fans will want to see Bill Murray dad Floyd and power -- -- and the big screen one more time incidentally. Ghostbusters won two Oscars that year won the original song the other for best visual effects for probably look more -- this time around -- force. How nervous about has passed away of this. Right next -- with -- the HBO smash hit that is. -- The Sopranos right off its ratings -- the cable network says the fantasy drama is now its top rated show ever. As it nears the end of its fourth this season game of -- endeavoring averaging eighteen point four million viewers that's 200000. More than the previous high. Which was the 2002 season of sopranos. And the best news for fans it became -- -- recently renewed for two more seasons I'm gonna have to watch it.

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{"id":24022449,"title":"The Nun is a Top Voice","duration":"3:00","description":"Sister Cristina wins the Italian version of \"The Voice.\"","url":"/WNN/video/nun-top-voice-24022449","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}