Obamacare, NSA Spying and the News of the Week

Sandy anniversary, Boston Red Sox and the Jonas Brothers made up the week's headlines.
2:03 | 11/01/13

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Transcript for Obamacare, NSA Spying and the News of the Week
Well finally this half hour it's our Friday re wind -- -- a week. The White House and it tied up -- masses that just won't go away but the week also saw some anniversary that reminds us that the human spirit does indoors take a look. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We've got people working overtime forty force up to boost capacity and address these problems every single day. While I think it's great -- -- team player and you're taking responsibility it is the president's ultimate responsibility for a few clearly. Whatever yes he is the president he is responsible and secrets that had been revealed are doing significant damage to our bilateral relationships with. I'm Germany with Mexico with the other countries how was he didn't know -- Cellphones being this -- you and why you didn't know who should. -- as -- said I'm not. -- I'm talking about classified information what I am confirming is effective to work under more complete review from. -- -- our intelligence operates outside of -- one year ago we were in total chaos the -- you later criticized evidence of its he had broken the world. It's still very depressing around here because his life destruction going on but there's a lot of homes at a vacant and ready to be leveled and demolished I'm sure that everybody in our uniform won't. -- -- whether they are here going for the they or elsewhere they'll look back on this defense took place and the way things unfold events. This especially here there's no way we can save anyway and we. Feel like where we're best suited to. Do -- own individual things all things are passionate about and choose to be Brothers first. And want to remind you about a special feature from our FaceBook fan gets cold in case you missed it and it features all of us of the week from the ethics here on world news now was a great -- check -- out log on -- W and and fans. Dot com to check it out.

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{"id":20750489,"title":"Obamacare, NSA Spying and the News of the Week","duration":"2:03","description":"Sandy anniversary, Boston Red Sox and the Jonas Brothers made up the week's headlines.","url":"/WNN/video/obamacare-nsa-spying-news-week-20750489","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}