Ohio Man Finds 300 Pounds of Pot in Empty Safe

The online purchase yielded $425,000 worth of tightly-wrapped marijuana bricks.
2:55 | 08/19/13

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Transcript for Ohio Man Finds 300 Pounds of Pot in Empty Safe
Losing. How does not fire. Burned out yeah it's an unnamed disease me. Grains and greens. And my other reason they -- that brings up is because our first story has to do it. I'm Mary Jane married to one now finance line. And -- -- brain and could sell an Ohio man behind this -- before a seventeen cuts into confident well. -- -- -- You say that this saved. Well there's nothing inside that the that they wouldn't and I'm stuck with a million dollars worth of them. He yeah can you imagine you -- say he didn't indulge in. I cannot maternity and they want -- -- -- -- it was tightly wrapped Mexican Baghdad. So he and champions the company -- did you. Kids when they sent about indicates that Mexican prisons -- so to somehow something got. Should rush driver bring -- to mr. -- got an interstate somebody saying. -- -- -- to the the distribution centers something might have happened there or at the prison. Truck driver takes into one -- probably takes it to another guy one guy who wanted to for rifles -- -- -- -- legend -- guy who can't put on an affiliate and I think the guy who know yeah. Which is indeed -- trouble. Back in Mexico right now as well yeah. And we'd have to say the driver has vanished police are still looking for yeah I think everybody's looking -- Actually done we can can to smoke just. You ever hear a guy named these out -- -- is still ready mop up off instruments as. He's got to do nobody about -- -- -- -- He's had to do was open and I'm Terry is 32 years old unusual name drew national attention after he was arrested for marijuana possession last series added a new -- -- -- rap sheet after being. -- on drug charges and I humans from New York Daily News -- -- -- Can really change my environment Jeffrey will -- November. Was jailed in Washington County since July 20 following. He stopped according to jailhouse records. Because -- charges -- to -- -- -- substance with intent to deliver. Susan Diddy bop -- don't -- well this guy whose birth name of the explosion of awareness picnic a lot of. Bottom line over the door already generally a you do have been struggling faith in our everyday life -- explanation and -- -- do. -- this story I can't even tell you fifteen seconds but I didn't try anyway there's only an immediately -- 200 miles while she was asleep at the living condition and should take sleeping pills she text that she drove for hours and are all out no recollection of what happened -- believe. Founders -- over on the real Detroit we're gonna that's -- -- the somebody otherwise don't right now sleep.

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{"id":20000101,"title":"Ohio Man Finds 300 Pounds of Pot in Empty Safe","duration":"2:55","description":"The online purchase yielded $425,000 worth of tightly-wrapped marijuana bricks.","url":"/WNN/video/ohio-man-fins-300-pounds-pot-empty-safe-20000101","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}