Online Classes Keep the Mind Sharp in Warm Weather

From sports to technology to cooking, online classes are available in a variety of subjects.
3:00 | 05/14/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Online Classes Keep the Mind Sharp in Warm Weather
It's time most of us associate with the end of the school year closes up those books and taking a break but that doesn't mean you have to take a break from learning during those warm summer months -- classes are always in session joining us now with ABC's -- Chan editor -- Morning John and Diana -- tell you this much these causes are a lot more funding calculus so. Whether you finally -- to get around to learning how to net are nailing that three point shot I discovered some of the best teachers are on line. -- basketball skills aren't anything like -- Could probably use a little help. There are a bunch of web sites that can. And -- Unisys. Take coach -- for example and it's an online marketplace for one on one coaching. Whether your sport is basketball or golf or even -- Roddy you can find a local -- -- up your game. Rates start at 25 dollars an hour and used to -- let you see what other -- Tuesday. It's all part of a bigger trend of online instructional learning that covers an array of topics arts and crafts more -- thing. Sites like crap C dot com offer online videos for everything from needing to -- decorating and these aren't likely -- to -- -- yesterday. Over at creative -- dot com instructors teach courses like photography and -- design in a professional studio and can take your questions in real time. Via instant messaging. Tech heavyweights like Google are getting in on the learning to. The services like -- about which often appeared here instruction by a live video for anything from playing the guitar to fifteen that -- of so whether -- goals r.s forty -- -- make sure your lesson planning some quality screen time. George senior dribble on the court and -- -- -- got to ask -- this on -- -- so many free instructional videos on. Everything under the -- why pay for -- class like this when you can go on YouTube probably find something. This is really a step up in terms of how polished the videos are the type of instruction you're getting is a lot more in depth and -- overall production of these courses online. Are really just been a major upgrade from what you're getting on YouTube where you have maybe that amateurish shaky video. -- lighting you know. So you really getting a polished presentation here. You have the option. Going back online and downloading these courses really. Meanwhile the press re wine is -- key years of that you if you for ever forget anything these courses are always going to be available to you. And you haven't used to -- you have people -- taken these classes before. Commenting on whether they were worth the money that time and that's really great -- at the feedback he probably wouldn't get anywhere else -- the -- I'm I'm working on it if it's a work -- progress I didn't. As you know is usage and thank you so much for joining us -- thanks -- will be right back to what the world is now. And teachers -- in the whole.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"From sports to technology to cooking, online classes are available in a variety of subjects.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23709075","title":"Online Classes Keep the Mind Sharp in Warm Weather","url":"/WNN/video/online-classes-mind-sharp-warm-weather-23709075"}