Online Subscriptions Changes Shopping

ABC News' Tina Trinh takes you inside the hot new trend of personalized clothing subscriptions.
3:57 | 09/13/13

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Transcript for Online Subscriptions Changes Shopping
It's been another successful Fashion Week here in New York as designer showcase their spring collection and -- your own wardrobe could use an update but you have no idea where to start new online services can give you a hand world news now tech contributor -- trend. Shows us the latest. It's the classic fashion dilemma a closet full of clothes and absolutely nothing to Wear. You could go online. With all this story -- -- -- But what did he could be their shopping in decision making to someone else didn't answer the clothing subscriptions. Call for monthly meetings services like Dicks -- -- -- toast 11% to close street is trying to home. Anything that -- was back in the mail can usually ships -- -- users fill out an online profile with their side. Preferences and companies take care of the rest. The co-founder of bomb belt. Do you want to build something that really retails -- guys to the everyday guy. Who is an obsessive close but just wants to look -- we don't charge you up front you have ten days after derives its make a decision tried on see what other people think. -- also takes a look at your social media profiles like FaceBook and Linkedin. For clues on your style. We know -- -- -- you know what type of job he worked at. And we can take all that stood out trying to find we'll cuddle up. The social -- is also part of we she -- tight. What's different he deposited in order to get -- suggestions from the community. The picture in your shoes and it becomes an -- users can -- -- Leases from retailers like top shop -- yeah. You can see how it -- It's happening already having -- For company co-founder healing -- the wisdom of crowds cantv doing that. The perspective from a can keep on coming into your pocket and creating -- outfits for him it's -- and help it's. -- -- -- Cool idea is -- -- return joining us now more on these subscription services team. How -- so how does this whole thing work yes so it's pretty awesome I mean shopping without leaving the house you don't even have to pick up the clothes. I think it's. Win win situation all heavy lifting is done for you and we brought in for and against to give you an idea of what six -- that you did a little heavy lifting for yeah. In January of nineteen -- and they. Remain. -- good manager Jerry -- address from a service call with Tenet's. Hands it's basically the -- would -- works its. Like Netflix that you see behind scenes. You Wear them for as long as you line. When you're ready to send them back. Send everything back in the prepaid envelope they give you five more days laughable you Wear -- -- wind mix and match do whatever it's a really great way to kind of despite discovering his friends. Maybe try on something that you probably look out for yourself and it was still children. Would you Wear it once and senator would you would you hold -- for a few months where Republican -- -- as many times is it whenever you're ready for something you know. -- now back at you and you back for the power we have another model is coming out way out well it is wearing. Basically you know the -- will -- -- cannot enjoin hand and it -- -- these two services different as a man to walk out. So Amanda service and you -- a month 49 dollars. New clothes whenever you want. -- is. What are your budget you have they have a tiered system and he gets -- each month to the same kind of items he gets a preview Amanda doesn't get a -- And -- -- thank you so much what a great idea and are models thank you so much. A man dead right -- Why don't you -- yeah.

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{"id":20245405,"title":"Online Subscriptions Changes Shopping","duration":"3:57","description":"ABC News' Tina Trinh takes you inside the hot new trend of personalized clothing subscriptions.","url":"/WNN/video/online-subscriptions-shopping-20245405","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}