The Oscar crash course

Who’s favored to win and where can you stream this year’s favorite films? ABC News' Will Ganss has your last-minute guide.
2:43 | 04/22/21

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Transcript for The Oscar crash course
In a year when we didn't go to the movies yeah. They came to us looking good on our favorite streaming services so what's sure to watch if you want to be in the know this Oscars Sunday. Are screaming. I think it out lusty heart. Carey Mulligan could very well be that name in the best actress envelope comes Sunday night. And they Oscar goes to. Missing young woman big dark thriller comedy from director emerald metal and again streaming on Amazon crying but if you only have time for one movie to watch the film to beat in 20/20 one. Es no Matt plan. No. Home ice cream just to. Who helps us. The same thing right. Director Chloe Schaub will likely become the first woman of color to win that aboard ever. And leading lady Frances McDormand. Is the odds on favorite for best actress was no man's land is streaming on Hulu and the late great Chadwick -- made a near lock for best act. There voters know and understand that this will be the last time you'll be able to honor chat away and I hate that. It's impossible to ignore the role that. Leaves into instability in this Bozeman would be only the third actor to posthumously win an Oscar. Following Peter pension Heath Ledger Bozeman already won at this year's critics' choice sag and Golden Globe awards. Where his widow gave an emotional acceptance speech. She said something. Yeah. So begins Larry. My previous black bottom he streaming on Netflix and supporting actor should go to Daniel Colonia up for his role in unison the black messiah. That will be available to rent on Amazon prime an apple TV. And supporting actress likely belonged to minorities usually mute and if she wins maybe we'll get another whole area is acceptance speech moment to. We have colonized by British people I don't know and then today. It's not as people in and day out told me. Now obvious people. Minardi by the way my favorite film of the season available to rent on Amazon prime TV but of all of those favorites do you win that means I'll shut out for the most nominated film this year bit and the pat of course is meg which is available on Netflix you want to watch that one chance to be safe he. Homeowners I'm dying to see minority. It's just so heartwarming and heartbreaking and I just loved doubled they don't let. Yes no doubt happy else. In the fields and remember you can watch the Oscars Sunday right here eight sell or close this Sunday at the event on Sunday he thinks updates guide.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"Who’s favored to win and where can you stream this year’s favorite films? ABC News' Will Ganss has your last-minute guide. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"77237911","title":"The Oscar crash course","url":"/WNN/video/oscar-crash-77237911"}