An Otter That Gets Drinks?

A viral video is making the rounds of an otter that goes to a vending machine and gets a drink.
1:22 | 06/21/13

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Transcript for An Otter That Gets Drinks?
Time for the next -- off big story that I know nothing about but there's no information on this other than the viral video which is adorable -- for -- check this out speaks for itself -- of water it appears to be in Japan. And it gets a drink got vending machine check out. Don't ask me how all the otter has. Yet but look at it sometimes it doesn't -- want to let the suspects. Also that we got that -- -- -- totaled. Look at this this next animal maybe NASA -- -- that they sixteen foot albino. Burmese python help. -- in Germany and has the ability why. Don't tell now only be I -- -- no -- with that the video lives on has gone viral. Can you bet anything. Got a lock the door when he's -- he's got he's not out. And that it is but it well there's one there's others that's right finally you ever been -- -- I have a famous -- Famous reputation of regents are being rude to tourists well anyway the try to work on that there's a new guide out of the French put Albert people -- -- people like. Cab drivers. For tips. And apparently they say the British like to be called by their first name Italian should be shaken by the hand. Americans should be reassured up prices and the Chinese are fervent shoppers in a simple smile and hello. We'll fully satisfied so many it'll be better next time you. --

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{"id":19453569,"title":"An Otter That Gets Drinks?","duration":"1:22","description":"A viral video is making the rounds of an otter that goes to a vending machine and gets a drink.","url":"/WNN/video/otter-drinks-19453569","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}