Papal Punchlines: Comics React to New Pope

The selection of the new pontiff was great material for late-night comedians.
1:31 | 03/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Papal Punchlines: Comics React to New Pope
You're watching America this morning -- America's number 1 in the early morning news. That's like a presidential Election Day selection of the new Pope was great material for the late night comics -- -- they did not let this opportunity pass that my take a let them. You could tell he was south American because when they announced that they were like we have up well. Congratulations you hope that we must remember that the last Pope Pope Benedict want to be known as Pope classic. We have a new Pope the Vatican has chosen the first ever Argentinian Pope. So once again a bunch of old white guys got a Hispanic to do a job they didn't want to do. -- and they're. -- -- Lord created a nice life might -- papal comedy wasn't just on TV comedians words weeding out there as well area. Pineapple Express stars -- -- -- tweeting quote there's also white smoke coming out of my office and nobody seems that excited about it. -- writer Albert Brooks and political tweeting the fun game on the balcony saw a shadow -- realized there was six more century is up against. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha -- and Madison -- should get an item on yesterday's seriousness and pageantry a little humor is probably a good thing -- out of India.

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{"id":18726696,"title":"Papal Punchlines: Comics React to New Pope","duration":"1:31","description":"The selection of the new pontiff was great material for late-night comedians.","url":"/WNN/video/papal-punchlines-comics-react-pope-18726696","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}