Paula Deen Heading Back to Television

Investors raise $100 million to get the southern chef back on television.
3:00 | 02/13/14

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Transcript for Paula Deen Heading Back to Television
-- -- skinny minute comeback from. Forward he had a group of investors is putting close to 100 million dollars into an effort to return dean. To the nation's airwaves the southern -- known for her liberally used some butter and went off the air last summer after admitting that she had used a racial slower than. The Food Network did not renew her contract she was dropped by sponsors before that scandal she disclose that she was diabetic. Now dean is said to be in talks with TV networks about a new -- certainly has a lot of lot of hurdles to -- absolutely -- a lot of controversy following. There. And next there has been a lot as speculation lately about Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner. Specifically -- his appearance. Yeah it has changed check it out from the -- we grew up seeing on our box of Wheaties. To what can only be described as a transformation. Checked that out he's had considerable plastic surgery in recent years. And does that in operation machine down -- -- -- why. So why would you do that -- sources close to -- 64 year old insists that. He is just focused on looking young I'm not sure what the Adam's apple -- -- to do with fat but okay some observers -- he may be falling prey to the Michael Jackson's syndrome. And could be heading down a slippery slope it seems like he is already all the that's -- Lynn -- heading down. Different shall we say for years now but -- Adam's apples -- they were actually some rumors that some people saying is is he having busy preparing himself for sex change right which still has been completely -- that's why he's coming out saying he's just trying to look younger are at I don't know that that's what's -- -- handsome man just. Old gracefully but I guess to -- is we move on Jennifer Aniston celebrated another birthday this week but without her fiance. Yet the 45 year old acts as part of in Los Angeles with a few other close friends including former costar Courteney Cox. Meanwhile the 42 year old Justin throw her fiance -- on the East Coast and while -- in LA Justin was spotted at some stores in New York if he was thinking that -- -- -- reports say. He is out there possibly buying her -- and I should hope so don't -- if you miss is the birthday and now it's Valentine's Day and he's on the other side of the country got to where there's smoke there's fire kind of thing now all I don't -- And all. We know about their relationship what they -- -- exclude others. Next I like that actually. Friday looks like the battle between Mariah Carey and -- -- she did not ends when their time on American Idol live. Am -- not surprised fans by dropping her new video and yesterday. And she did it just as Mariah was getting ready to release her new single. Townsend gas and timing diet is agonizing -- have a one of the most famous feuds in Hollywood on a radio interview yesterday to promote her single one of the -- brought up -- -- his name. And -- responded. Who and remember what that was that was a moment in my life that I am just going to press delete. We cannot let you hear Madonna's new video -- by the way because in nearly every other word it needs to be equally. So yeah every other word apparently is or nearly every other words -- and work. -- --

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{"id":22492166,"title":"Paula Deen Heading Back to Television","duration":"3:00","description":"Investors raise $100 million to get the southern chef back on television. ","url":"/WNN/video/paula-deen-heading-back-television-22492166","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}