A Pending Divorce in the Kardashian Family?

Kris and Bruce Jenner announce they?ve separated after 22 years of marriage.
3:34 | 10/09/13

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Transcript for A Pending Divorce in the Kardashian Family?
Hey welcome to -- We have some news somebody from the Kardashian clan is headed for splits -- bell -- after twenty inside you think and it's not -- think after 22 years of marriage Chris -- Bruce Jenner have announced that they have officially. Separated they issued a joint statements it. But we will always have much love and respect for each other even though we are separated -- -- -- best friends and as always our family will remain our number one priority now when you say exactly think. It's because Khloe Kardashian has been dealing with this whole Lamar -- last night and just last year Wellington this year Kim Kardashian and while pregnant with -- west maybe. Was having to go through a hole and nasty divorce from Chris Humphries after a 72 days marriage. There you have it. -- that she and giraffe. -- finest. Yeah no -- just so you would expect that from what today is John Lennon would be John Lennon's 73 birthday a -- And as star on the walk of fame and Hollywood got the faced. Up there were charges were not happy about it immediately called in a contractor and dad -- It was like cartoons and smiley face is all kinds of graffiti scribbled on it. They had claimed that they polished -- they -- sealed it within hours and his star. Is back to where it is going to be but they say you know it's it's been a problem with rock star's -- and people know if you wanna leave. Memento Lee flowers -- candle right don't leave graffiti fair. Not it's not a good idea. Looking to check this -- relevant around 08 you know the epitome of -- mall and John -- landmark bombshell. Well now there's word that she perhaps wasn't born as perfect as everybody thinks she won't help him as she had plastic surgery. And -- the notes from her position as well as X rays are going into the auction block. Coming up and so therefore we all get to know exactly what was wrong with her the area have and that's a position now to bring a little bit of it of course it's doctor writings and it's a little difficult essentially. What it says there this is from her doctor. Michael -- and it says that the chief complaint from the patient is a chin deformity. It also says that so this is now the doctor Wright investors' current -- in plants chain which is what she wants in 1958 -- the early 1950s. There -- -- -- And this is a picture of the knows there's always been it's a little bit of a mystery about her -- other it was broken and outlawing -- -- shows that in fact it's what -- Q how. Little Abu. Knew she was a pioneer in so many ways yes -- -- including plastic surgery -- -- Baywatch cast is getting ready to do a little 25 year reunion get together and then some interviews and they. They talk to entertainment tonight's Brooke Anderson and one of the things that came out is that. You know they had to stave off and in shape of course we know that -- -- make on the beach all the time I did just that they had in their contract that they basically had to stay the same way if they went up or down five pounds. Things we get Dicey and this was a clause in the the -- and you have five -- fluctuation you couldn't go up or down actress Nicole -- Told Entertainment Tonight can you imagine. When he -- on the anchor desk. -- it would give us incentive happy not -- donuts.

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{"id":20514092,"title":"A Pending Divorce in the Kardashian Family?","duration":"3:34","description":"Kris and Bruce Jenner announce they?ve separated after 22 years of marriage. ","url":"/WNN/video/pending-divorce-kardashian-family-20514092","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}