Pet-friendly pop-up shop opens

ABC News' Will Ganss explores Humans Best Friend, New York's latest Instagram-friendly pop-up experience alongside a four-legged friend from Best Friends Animal Society and it's paw-sitively adorable.
4:38 | 11/09/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pet-friendly pop-up shop opens
Aren't we are back with something warm Fuzzy and heartwarming yet but besides we'll against. Did pretty heartland re oh yeah. Yeah and isn't a warm and Fuzzy. Like puppy is oh that's okay so it cut eat pop up first off it up five times faculty poppa pump. It is it is yeah puppy pop up a pop up. Part of the hall popped. As if the puns alone weren't enough to make me wanna go to this place I found out what they do and how they give back to the for community I knew I had to check it out take a look. Your best friend I think you think that's right. As the appropriately named humans best friend dogs and their two legged pals can find a place to channel their entered dug the puck. Boot or Marty and fetch some major instead grand likes. But that's not all this puppy playground doubles as a way to find some adorable adopt the bull pups a forever home. Each week we're partnering with one different rescue groups and we have about thirteen total seeking calm you can interact with a doppler dog's. You can learn about the organization and and really make a difference even if you get done. And turn Google my dedicated canine counterpart for my plea date at humans best friend he's ten and a half but he's a playful pooch at heart. But before we could begin exploring humans best friend and snapping some Kendall Jenner level picks. I needed to make sure Google was in peak instead influence or condition. If you're gonna pick flawless and threw them pictures it's important stayed very hydrated as Google is demonstrating here I think fall. Which some liquid courage of the H two O variety we were ready to hit the ground running for at least we hit the ground rulings. First stop in the pop up the backyard which offered plenty of photo ops for Google and crashed boom was more into the cameras that he was into me. Not that I'm bitter or anything. But luckily he had a chance to redeem himself and room number two the doghouse. Which features. Popularity leaving the track from the moment where you can sit at a table dinner table with their dog and how differently from photos. So how'd it go. Like most of the dates have been on recently. He lacks real click had to go explore some other options though feels real familiar Google thank you. But at least Google's tale kept lacking when he saw the cameras. So after a quick snack in the bone bark and it's begin. Variance to vanity to go vegan I knew that Google was influence are ready Kim Kardashian gives these things also rent apartments and some. Bono fact. Don't quote me on that Kim K fact but one thing and you for shared Google wasn't bona fide instant grams star. And like every influence or knows you're only as good as your squad. Betty and these two sassy sister showed up and showed off in this rainbow light up tunnel that's to die. And they let loose in the toy pay cookbook (%expletive) up and in the water bowl rings you go. But the message of the final room paw prints hill proves that sometimes the bark is more important than a fight X. Planes adoption and explains fostering and explain volunteering and and ways that you can. Help the many many many Gaza need our help thank you so much for one having us I have the best of my life. And two very honestly pretty important work you're doing a net and helping his Stotts who you know. Sure they can heart that they can't speak for themselves for giving them a voice and and for hopefully finding them homes. Little clue goal is about the cute as they had ever seen. Is an important pop date if you will since we shot this piece Google's found a forever home. I adopted any has for brother and the new bomb in a Stanley in a home and so we are so happy for Google to anybody who fell in love with whom lawyer out of luck with adopting a bit so many other shootings and their two and humans -- friend is open through next week so if you wanna go have some fun because there is Google wouldn't you -- hand -- the time and for the picture. If it is going to be on TV this time that's what it was more fun this or if they had the golden girls pop up for you. No my guy should that's the hardest question I've ever been. Oh yes and to really combine them maybe I go its board dogs and their names are Sophia plants roads I have tea yeah air base there very very cute I love the top of the idea and. Your voice yes and you're insert himself filled with these pictures out of them you know you know.

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"ABC News' Will Ganss explores Humans Best Friend, New York's latest Instagram-friendly pop-up experience alongside a four-legged friend from Best Friends Animal Society and it's paw-sitively adorable.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"59079640","title":"Pet-friendly pop-up shop opens","url":"/WNN/video/pet-friendly-pop-shop-opens-59079640"}