Pet Gadgets

The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo swings by with a stack of new and unique gear perfect for you and your fur babies!
4:13 | 10/21/19

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The leaves are changing the air is chilling and so many of us are looking for reasons to enjoy the crisp fall weather and that includes our pets joining us this morning with this season's. Hottest tech gadgets is our own guess where Dick DeBartolo Dick. Good morning good morning welcome back thank you very much so we're gonna tell with a preview of a gadget coming spring 20/20. Homes were okay this solves the problem. Of people who can't get their pets mainly their cat. In a carry because they know they going to the vet OK so this guy's having a terrible time. But with the com carry back cat does not want to go. Detroit flights out so it's easy to put the cat in and need invented said. When did George starts to slide the instinct of the candidates to crouch and takes it easy to slide down and in slighted now. And he can jump out so that's the Smart about fifty dollars in my spring OK do loop this is a do loop. It's a little guy made that clips onto the leash. And so when you go feel walk you can take your little doggie bags stick it in there and have it then after the doggie does is stuff make a little nod and it. And then you carry to the nearest trash bin let's really Smart and I don't have a pet but I may frequent pet sitter. And so from our friends so when I picked the dog vowed along I think. Exactly exactly she needed due Lou their eight fox coop is sold separately. You're not create your own architect. All right so this guy this guy's guy and been very calm him. This is what dogs at a normally off deletion and suddenly you like to we have about the way what this little guy is what is wearing what we're showing which is the who red dog. To win one leash. Colin aka Tony Rudy had a neck and name all follow sandy. I guess how well growing nation the whip up. This has a built in. Leaks so if you need quick way to walk the dog will harness the dog. This little guys and becomes a different Cole is. And different sizes and that's wonderful yet. Back tonight and he pulled like a string out of stuffed animal like this they would say something like. Half have. You provide the that the reported to have an effect. What a picket something called the pet one probe yet and this is an easy way to Green Bay view darkened home in and save some money comes within eight inch eight foot flexible holds. This little guy goes on to the Shalit so you can have both the shallower. And the pro hook hooked up with this very Smart very clever up a lot of people. And that is it. Man is retail at like fifty dollars but online it's selling for about 33 dollars so why aren't any idea what that is okay obvious the maybe a dark content. All. One small dog oh give and get up. Very tall now it is a sixteen ounce water bowl. So that miserable even if you're jogging. You can hope that on to you your choice or backpack through your belt it would be one of your hike key area. I haven't had little guy is under ten books I like yet. That's a great gadget is well. And that's also from red dog. That's cool I love all of these things and users should also be made the impact that is for people to make their life a lot easier for the pet owners yeah and next nothing coming back with things you can put on a key chain rule and not a word for that. For the U another fifty tech gadgets for that six website. Gives whiz Scott as well there are aware of that period impairs our com. Gibbs was big DeBartolo thank you thank you can always thank you for these gadgets. There's another rough about leave at all we'll be right back plus your world news now. Little did win.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo swings by with a stack of new and unique gear perfect for you and your fur babies!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"66413571","title":"Pet Gadgets","url":"/WNN/video/pet-gadgets-66413571"}