Pharrell's Hat to Go On Display

Musician's famous hat will go on display in a Washington D.C. museum.
3:48 | 08/20/14

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Transcript for Pharrell's Hat to Go On Display
And it is time for the -- and leaving -- -- we have big news about a very big hat. You know the one of corral ward of the Grammy is it will be displayed for all of the -- that the museum in Washington DC going on display to have that nearly broke the Internet by causing a flurry of tweets and -- pictures. Was bought by -- for 44000. Dollars an -- And they're loaning it out for a limited time we're happy fans can see it in all its glory right in our nation's capital. Don't you are -- quite the attraction. That's kind of resemble the armed guards and yes. All right except Katy Perry and something that could certainly be giving her reason to roar about check this out the pop superstar songstress. He's topping the list of artists the NFL has now narrowed down for its Super Bowl halftime performance coming up next year. Along with Rihanna and -- there were also were. Reportedly -- -- actually. Paid to play something that's never been done before and the Wall Street Journal is reportedly representatives approached potential performers. And asked if they would be willing to contribute a portion of their post Super Bowl tour and come to the -- or they would make some other type of financial contribution in exchange. For that halftime gig in response the NFL -- the performers contracts. Were confidential that the only goal is to put on the best. Possible show but cash. -- -- -- -- 7 had all morning example leader asking them to pay -- -- that is sacred. Should be interesting current won't shock tonight indeed that that -- years. And breaking bad fans can rejoice over there you have stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. Even though they hit series has come to a close -- come together for a video to promote the upcoming Emmy Awards and in that the -- Plays a couple of inept pawn shop owners when there. Greeted by none other than he starred Julia Louis-Dreyfus if she's looking upon Niemi she -- from her -- -- bits. Okay that's you. You need to. Oil get a hold yourself and -- I need that back I I didn't know we're just about to make it do I can't -- Miami went winning its priceless to me I don't like Anita back OK he's not strapped for cash. -- -- TV show well cable money so some. Princeton's character here originally wasn't interested in the Emmys and -- was for supporting role to which Aaron Paul took issue it. All are nominated this years primetime Emmy Awards taking place next Monday often do you watch -- I have seen -- several times I need to catch up on Miami's CNN as a favorite -- Captures DC Giuliani -- -- always -- she's so good moments up to the surprise reunion of sorts here in New York City I mean girl and year old teacher ran into each other in the Big Apple also of course they took a stealthy. We're talking about Tina Fey and Lindsay Lohan believe it or not it's been ten years -- decade since the two appeared together in -- Fighting brutal comedy about girls. Being bad and Lohan -- to be London bound she's gearing up to make her West End stage debut in David. Mamet's speed the plow which she of course is premiering. Next -- and finally it's time to check out who is celebrating their big day today top -- -- our celebrity birthday and that's Robert Plant singer from Led Zeppelin turns 66 today. Super talented actress Amy Adams turned the big 40 and the amazing Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield -- 31. And -- -- -- turns 22. Very happy birthday to all.

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{"id":25048171,"title":"Pharrell's Hat to Go On Display","duration":"3:48","description":"Musician's famous hat will go on display in a Washington D.C. museum.","url":"/WNN/video/pharrells-hat-display-25048171","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}