Picks and Predictions for Super Bowl 47

Sports analyst, Jason Page, gives his picks for the upcoming Super Bowl.
3:00 | 02/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Picks and Predictions for Super Bowl 47
Welcome back everybody as we all know Sunday is the big. -- gave the Super -- down in the New Orleans so again back but this. Today Jason page Sports Radio host our football experts here weighing in on the big game here this is what everyone who waited for -- -- It is showtime and and you say there are three keys to this game starting with protecting. Joseph Flacco got to protect your quarterback right and the ravens. This season. Middle of the pack when it came to protecting Joseph Flacco -- kind -- showed in the numbers Joseph Flacco during the regular season. Every one out of sixteen pass attempts and he was -- In the post season. One out of every 24 times no one was sacked if they protect Joseph Flacco -- -- they have in this post season in this game be a long afternoon for San Francisco. This could be close game everyone -- the close games it was means fuels can be -- position could be. Very very critical here 49ers head of the weakness I think you could be looking to bend but don't break defense is in this game and that means. Field goal kicking ass and nobody has been worse that it with the exception of basic Crosby greenback. Nobody is no worse this year than David Akers second the last and only infield -- -- percentage 29 a 42 this season. Just seven to thirteen. Now from forty to 49 yards that is the worst in the NFL paycheck if you critical ones and the season just sit thirteen. From forty to 49 yards on the other -- got Justin Tucker for Baltimore. How good is this rookie -- Thirtieth 33 for the season he's perfect four for four from fifty plus -- game. Where I think it's -- -- be as closely. Competitive as these two teams are because this could be it. Huge part of this -- can -- going to be a big story all eyes on him as well Sunday. Yes and look and only one rookie quarterback and I know people -- calling -- -- not a rookie quarterback. But he really it's he didn't play his rookie season -- he comes in -- We through this season for Alex Smith and a controversial move that a lot of people still talking about to this day king Colin -- -- In -- -- rookie season essentially. I don't think he's gonna bomb out of that it's going to be a miserable performance but I do think -- -- struggles. I think the Marines get -- home early I think it's going to be a tight game. And Feinberg Baltimore's involved appointed its warning for its -- July -- gets its first Super Bowl. Think it's a ridiculous contract in the -- zone money money -- -- that game goes bank uses my friend good to see you again as always thanks to Jason -- believe that more world news now right after this thing this pizza enjoy the game with Bob. And world news now continues after. From our ABC stations --

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{"id":18374175,"title":"Picks and Predictions for Super Bowl 47","duration":"3:00","description":"Sports analyst, Jason Page, gives his picks for the upcoming Super Bowl.","url":"/WNN/video/picks-predictions-super-bowl-47-18374175","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}