Pilot Cop Nabs Suspect

A Houston pilot cop gets out of a police helicopter to chase down and arrest a burglary suspect.
2:55 | 06/29/16

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Transcript for Pilot Cop Nabs Suspect
48. Now that makes and it Burke ever breaks into your home and call the cops hunt here is one day you want to know okay. This fit in Houston you can save a helicopter police officer. Come down from its software and then spaces after a suspect. This is as it was right on the right and also and I credit card here. After he's got a blue helmet on he has not paying down literally Levys. And takes him down coming straight at the chapter. And what I love is that it look like they were police officers there and that patrol car were just like Gary nine circling around the helicopter. That guy right now I got it somewhere else let's go after. The final very nice maybe the Texans can hire him I think. All right now the Tony Hawk you know he's at the ripe old age of 482 years shy of getting his AARP card. And you remember some seventeen. Visit from got a number seventeen years ago he was known for doing. With Tony Hawk 900 which is basically two and a half revolutions on his skateboard they are praising him right you're the greatest thing ever you are also bad. OK so to mark the anniversary of the seventeen years later. Old man Tony hawks decided he would do it so this is it because of this new video there for iPad I disagree. I pray that Roosevelt up and you've got to build up till it gets. That any stuck the landing. Yes that was that. Being mistreated by the way he said thank you all Wear your kind words I'm sore. Thank you can it go good job there Tony. I sound. Like this to be strength yes apparently so do Portuguese. Hundreds of court is dead at ocean beach in San Francisco or. Into the ring and told according on the of them live of the ordinance 4013. Some of the doubt even dressed up in Athens. And they had quite erase and he thinks he can you do if they. But that race you have every night according to have a very sorry I ever got sort of let the death and that one fell and ended an I'm just doing my thing. All right nothing. Think says America like serial I would say there are other things but OK so you. Just in time for July 4 here in New York. The capital of everything overpriced there's a new serial story that's opening in Times Square this is this the story there. So if that scenario you can get like your corn flakes or make their yeah. About a regular sized corn flakes. For about seven dollars and fifty cents now mind you the boxes for months but this comes at milk already are in there. Only in Iraq aha at format into practice now score met.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"A Houston pilot cop gets out of a police helicopter to chase down and arrest a burglary suspect.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"40212573","title":"Pilot Cop Nabs Suspect","url":"/WNN/video/pilot-cop-nabs-suspect-40212573"}