Pink Minivan to be Sold in Japan

New vehicle by Honda is designed with women in mind.
3:00 | 11/19/12

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Transcript for Pink Minivan to be Sold in Japan
All right so what have you ever expect your finger in your belly button it's now -- and it's kind of -- Look what -- he'll tell. Yeah we'll ever met and that this -- their filthy it turns out that researchers are gonna have a new report that comes up this week. Researchers revealed that art -- hold a rainforest. Of bacteria. And to a -- 2360. Species of bacteria. Nearly 15100. -- -- are new to science and they say that -- -- at home lot of human skin. And that invent these microbes and without them our immune systems don't function properly as -- that's fascinating. Disgusted they didn't think they say it's a significant step towards helping us understand -- -- -- the most important players and ecosystems. And there are still -- and figure out because it -- finally getting determining factor as to why these particular bacteria. Would attached to is based on. Our race based done -- anything like our gender so. Do -- -- -- about whether it. Smells like. Took the fifth the fifth -- -- -- -- Hot garbage. And finished I don't think -- and they did it make a mention of like if your kiddies are out his works there Eric and -- Billy Clinton I don't. Look at 100. Maybe any gives more concave and collect more account yeah man out is probably it left a more sanitary I would think I -- value in the united evidence do you have -- any evidence they have been beaten -- -- -- my umbilical -- yeah exactly. There are some photos online. From this auto show in China that are causing some controversy now because apparently. They have some very young ladies here's one picture right here -- on the right. There's these liberals young as five at the auto show that China being -- these caves and of course you folks are saying -- you are essential I think he's very young. Girls here and organizer had that had the audacity to defend it by saying well this is all the way to help. Boost their courage referring to the children. As she says if you type in the keywords children in bikini into Internet search engine you'll find tens of thousands of results for child bikini contest. Well but maybe true but our majority in here encouraging you know these young young ladies and that you know pedophile now they have a whole things -- so. This. Again time is -- fascinating -- than those pictures of little survey Nixon took outlook for the last minute because it's two to zero like her. This is all too much yet okay asked -- -- is also interesting place because they've come up with a new car marketed towards women at his peak it's called the fit. She -- -- at -- -- popular yes it's -- Kennedy UV protected -- -- virtually nothing else has targeted towards women. Not really in an elbowing Japan's only real quick to a dog out there -- -- got to take a look at some these pictures in the -- has its own. Calendar and is dressed like Lady Gaga we don't have a library editor for the West Coast they see -- -- yeah. What happens.

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{"id":17759454,"title":"Pink Minivan to be Sold in Japan","duration":"3:00","description":"New vehicle by Honda is designed with women in mind.","url":"/WNN/video/pink-minivan-sold-japan-17759454","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}